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First up we have a golden goose that will deliver consistently higher returns for your business!

Did you know that you could change the way people perceive and choose your services without changing what you have to offer?

Read on to find out how one simple step will increase your conversions and raise your revenue in the long run.

👉Why service packages can change the game for your business

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This week, we also have an exclusive inside scoop on how you can maximize income for your ice skating rinks, particularly outside the September-March season.

Find out how you can supplement ice skating income through dependable revenue streams that will also add to your facility’s brand value!

👉Skate on thick ice: How to run a profitable skating rink business

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Also, a special bonus for our users this week as you can now communicate in multimedia with your customers!

🐣Product Update

Our latest product update will allow you to add hyperlinks to your text and attach images to your emails sent to customers. You will find the Hyperlink and Attach Image options in your summernote email editor.

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