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We’re only halfway through the year? That doesn’t seem right, considering how far you have come with your businesses this year…

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What better way to get into the second half of the year, than by taking note of everything we’ve achieved so far? We know that our time here at Omnify was spent trying to give you the best possible experience that we can!

It has been an exciting month of July as we round up our goals and realign them for the rest of the year ahead. 

Let’s take a look at what happened at Omnify last month and how that helps YOU :)

What’s NEW? 📢

Product update - Flexible membership (More power to you!)

Another from the Summer of Releases

We’re giving your business and your clients more power and more flexibility by letting them begin their classes as soon as they purchase the membership. The update improves upon the booking experience and removes the hassle of calendar scheduling for immediate joiners.

Full Product Update


What’s Trending? 🚀

EdTech Trends you do not want to miss!

It’s been a year with lots of changes and lots of turmoil, but we wanna focus on what’s here to stay! Let’s look at some EdTech trends of 2022 that will be relevant for years to come, and how you can take advantage of them to grow your business.

Are You Game


Customer Spotlights!✨

1) Wellness for Children is a mission that we passionately support! Let’s see what Jake and Tammy have to say about this.

They say “A child's innocence is the one gift, that once stolen, can never be replaced”. Learn how Children’s Wellness Centre is on a mission to make the mental and physical wellness of a child easily accessible, and how Omnify enables them to make wellness available at the click of a button.

Take a Peek

2) What’s common between us and our clients? We both love serving our customers the best possible experience! Look at how CMD Outsourcing Solutions achieved exactly that.

If there’s one thing we take pride in here at Omnify, that is our dedication to our customers. Our priority is to give our customers(aka you) the best experience possible so that we can enable you to do them for your customers! Don’t believe us? Take a look at why CMD Outsourcing continues to trust us time and again.

Let Us Show You How


Before you go, one last tip for you to keep growing :)🌱

Learn these essentials of Content Marketing

When you succeed in your business, we succeed in doing our jobs right! That is why we are committed to your growth. Take a look at how you can level up your content marketing strategy and reach your customers effectively on social media.

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