Reservation System for Pools
Ensure Safe Swimming with Social Distancing
Omnify’s Reservation System for Pools helps you manage your reservations, attendance & more
Join the companies using Omnify to deliver a better booking experience
What makes Omnify different
Let members book their preferred time slot by enabling scheduled visits
Ensure the safety of your members by accepting pre-bookings for your pool facility. Schedule blocks of time the pool is available throughout the day and accept only a limited number of patrons at a time. Have patrons agree to 'Terms and Conditions' or a 'Liability Release' before completing their reservation, & more.
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Limit Attendance while maximizing Pool usage
Let’s say limiting pool visits to an hour and a half each and capping attendance at 25 members at a time is fitting for your pool. You’d also like to build in 30 minutes of disinfecting time between visits and allow your patrons to book only certain slots every day. All this is possible with Omnify.
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Membership Management to limit access to only your members
With Omnify’s Membership Management, you can give access to your Members only. Limit access to all facilities & services or only to a few. Share your reservation website with your members & Members make reservations for themselves or their entire family. They’ll receive confirmation & reminder emails and can easily make reservation changes.
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Superior Support & Set-up Assistance
Set-up your Reservation System instantly
Already have a website? Integrate seamlessly with your existing website
Automate your emails- confirmation, reminders, feedback and more
Check-ins to track attendance
Detailed Reports & Analytics to know occupancy, attendance etc.
Detailed Reports & Analytics to know how your business is performing
We 💖 our Customers too!
"For Savvy Studios, Omnify has proved to be a five-star symbol of trust, reliability and excellent service. The ‘Omnify Team’ have supported our development as a company by providing a unique and comprehensive platform which is adaptable, easy to manage and easily accessed by all our clients."
Savvy Studios
"I love Omnify! I’m using it already for 3 years for my yoga studio and it’s very inspiring to see how the platform developed. I’m very happy with customer service, they always eager to help and add features that I need to make it easer and more convenient to use the platform 😃"

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