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Flexible Weekly Schedules.

We have released a new functionality in Classes. You can create different schedules for different days.

Bringing Flexibility to Class Schedule.

Flexible Schedules for Different Days of the Week

With this feature, you can add different class timings for different days, which means you can have different schedules for a class on different days.

Ex: You might have a Class named Tennis Coaching Lesson for ages 6-10. You can have the schedules for the week like the following:

Mon: 6AM-7AM

Tue: 8AM-9AM

Wed: 9AM-10AM
And so on.

How it works?

While creating a Class from the Dashboard, you’ll see the Class Schedule option.
Select the option Custom from the dropdown.
And now, you can add the Start and End times for all days.

Changes to Class Packs

The Fixed-term and the Ongoing Class Packs will have no impact because of this feature- they will function as before.

Changes to Service Store

For all Custom times, there will be a small label next to timings called Custom in the Service Store next to the specific Class.

Let us know your feedback.

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P.S Did you check out our last feature release, Memberships 3.0? If not, read all about it here

The latest Omnify update allows users to create Flexible Weekly Schedules for Classes allowing better control & flexibility in planning your classes. Try Now!

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