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Varun Baliga

4 Ideas for July 4th at your Swim Facility

As we get closer to Independence Day, it's time to deck up your swimming pool for the celebration ahead! Not only do you need your facility looking its patriotic best, you will also need to prepare your staff to keep your guests entertained through the day.

This year, you can plan early and ensure you have plenty on hand to deliver a memorable Independence Day experience to your members. As a true celebration of American values, your 4th of July party could help you bring them closer and create a stronger community together.

What can you do for the 4th of July at your swimming pool?

There are a number of things you could do this 4th of July to show your guests the best time on a hot summer day!

  1. Decorate your Facility
  2. Arrange Pool Party Games
  3. Throw a Themed Bash
  4. Organize a Swim Festival

Let us look at how each of these 4th of July party ideas can help you treat your community to a delightful day out.

1. Decorate your Facility

For an Independence Day celebration to stand out, you need to bring your best red, white, and blue decorations forward. There are an infinite number of ways in which you could incorporate the American flag into your facility's landscape on the big day, but the right choices could make the biggest impact on your community.

You could put the spotlight on the flag at your pool by setting up themed lighting and including poolside furniture in the national colors. You could even have your staff donning red, white, and blue uniforms for the day and get the team into the patriotic spirit of the day!

Inviting your community to pick up the colors will also bring them closer to your celebration and make it a day to remember. You could distribute free swimming caps and other swimwear in the American colors to encourage more members to get into the spirit of the occasion.

2. Arrange Pool Party Games

Games add instant energy to any occasion through a healthy spirit of competition. It gives an exciting edge to the day and invites your guests to participate more actively in the festivities.

There are always the popular options that you can arrange - quick games of volleyball or Marco Polo always get the crowd going at a pool party. A poolside treasure hunt would be a great way to keep the kids entertained at the event, while a few rounds of floating golf on the pool should treat the adults to a fun time.

You could then round off your 4th of July party with a prize distribution ceremony and give your guests a taste of glamor on the day!

3. Throw a Themed Bash

Decorations and games aside, a celebration of America's history would truly top off your Independence Day festivities. And what better way to celebrate history than through one of the pillars of American culture?

For starters, organize your themed event around traditional American food and beverages. You could serve the family favorite corn on the cob with the usual barbecue, hot dogs, and sliders. S'mores have been a 4th of July staple for decades now and would be a great addition for the kids along with some cool and refreshing lemonade on the side. Make sure to also look for desserts and other items that can be garnished in the American red, white, and blue as a sweet Independence Day treat.

If you're having trouble organizing the party, you could always simplify your job with Omnify's online reservation system. This would allow you and your staff to sell tickets to the event, manage entry, organize your bookings on the go, and communicate with them before and after the event. Your work would be streamlined and automated, allowing you to devote your time to keeping your members entertained through the day!

4. Organize a Swim Festival

Of course, how could we have a pool party without a good old swimming competition in the water? Give your members the opportunity to celebrate freedom with a healthy competitive spirit this Fourth of July!

You could organize a local swim meet for your members to mark Independence Day with your community. You can invite your members through email well before the event so they have enough time to prepare for the big day.

With an event of this magnitude on your hands, using an online pool reservation system like Omnify would also allow you to streamline your event management and help you deliver a memorable experience to your members.

The Key to a Successful 4th of July

As a day of wholehearted celebration, your Independence Day festivities will need to delight and engage your members and echo the significance of the day. You will need to ensure your members are able to attend the event comfortably and without complications, while also managing key processes with your staff. With so much riding on your shoulders, it can be difficult to keep track of every single detail on your own. This is where a cloud-based pool scheduling and management system like Omnify can help you simplify and automate everything from event ticketing to check-ins and even personalized communication with your members. If you would like to gear up in time for the 4th of July, get in touch with our team or sign up for a FREE TRIAL and get started today!

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