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Sukanya Kakoty

Top Ice Rink Software to look out for this Season

Alt text- One platform to manage your ice skating classes. Schedule classes, manage sales, simplify payment transactions and more

It’s that time of the year when winter scents of fresh, sparkly snow, earthy pines, nutmeg, hot chocolate, and pumpkin spice add joy to the holiday spirit. There’s a slight nip in the air, which will, in no time, translate into a picturesque winter wonderland!

Just the right time for ice rink operators to tidy up their act and present the best facility experience for skaters to step onto the ice, whether for a leisurely glide or a competitive spin! To ensure that rinks are free from imperfections, a dedicated team of rink operators and volunteers brave the chilling winds, investing valuable hours to get these community ice rinks primed and ready for winter. Yet, this isn't the only task at hand.

For an ice sports facility manager, skating coach, or rink administrator, the rink management part is equally important. As the season approaches and the rush begins, finding the right ice rink software to handle day-to-day business operations becomes paramount.

This blog will take you on an insightful journey through the top ice rink software solutions, each designed to make ice rink management a breeze!

Fundamental Features of an Ice Skating Rink Software-

Here are a few basic features an ideal Ice rink software should have. Have a look!

1. Booking Capabilities

  • Individual Bookings
  • Family Bookings
  • Multiple Slot and Recurring Bookings

2. Event Management

  • Mass editing of scheduled events

3. Scheduling

  • Calendar scheduling
  • Ice resurfacing scheduling

4. Payment Processing

  • Multiple Payment modes and options
  • Recurring payments

5. Membership Management

  • Member-only space
  • Discounts and access benefits

6. Facility Management

  • Tiered pricing for peak and non-peak hours
  • Multi-location management
  • Facility Check-ins

7. Integrations

  • Third-party tools

8. Business Insights

  • Analytics and Reports
  • Manage, export, and delete bookings
  • Easy data migration

9. Client Communication

  • Personalized Auto-emails and notifications
  • Customizable Online Waivers
  • Payment reminders

What are the Top Ice Rink Software?

In this blog, we'll delve into how this list of software is revolutionizing the ice rink industry, addressing everything from scheduling to management and more! Get ready to explore the world of modern ice rink management.

  1. Omnify
  2. Active Network
  3. EzFacility
  4. DaySmart Recreation
  5. Roller Software
  6. Picktime
  7. Uplifter

Let's take a closer look at each of these tools with greater insights, delving into their functionalities and benefits so you can decide which one of them suits your organization best in terms of your size, growth, and requirements-

1. Omnify-

Omnify ice rink management software to schedule ice skating lessons

Omnify Ice Rink Software stands as the optimal solution, precisely tailored to meet the distinctive demands of sports facilities and the ice rink industry. It serves as a highly adaptable platform that simplifies a wide array of critical operations, encompassing everything from scheduling and managing bookings to efficiently handling membership details, processing payments, and facilitating smooth check-ins. Beyond streamlining these intricate tasks, the software is strategically designed to elevate the efficiency and profitability of ice rink businesses.

A standout attribute of Omnify Ice Rink Software is its exceptional capability to create flexible packages for ice skating classes and skate rentals, thereby comprehensively addressing customers' diverse needs. Omnify empowers businesses with customization features for ice-related events, offering the flexibility to set attendee limits, pro-rate charges, and establish no-show policies. 

In cases where ice rinks cater to family skaters, Omnify simplifies scheduling complexities through the implementation of Member Profiles. This innovative feature eliminates scheduling conflicts and ensures that families can savor their ice skating experiences without the burden of managing intricate schedules.

Moreover, Omnify assists businesses in efficiently handling capacity management and ice resurfacing, scheduling time-offs seamlessly, allowing ice rinks to optimize visitor experiences by adapting to seasonal peaks, and efficiently addressing maintenance requirements. 

For businesses managing multiple ice rink locations, Omnify's multi-location solution provides invaluable centralized control, ensuring streamlined and consistent operations across all venues.

2. Active Network

One platform that is a secure and great place for ice skating school

Active Network is a renowned leader in sports and activity management, providing cutting-edge technology solutions that empower organizations to automate and optimize their operations. By offering seamless online registration, secure payment processing, social media integration, volunteer recruitment, and targeted marketing services, ACTIVE Network enables government and private organizers to work smarter and engage more effectively with participants.

Active Network's services are not limited to a specific type of business but are adaptable to the requirements of different organizations in the sports and recreation industry. Their versatile solutions for the sports industry include ice rinks, ice hockey, baseball diamonds, or any other sporting arena that hosts team sports.

ACTIVENet's adaptability makes it an ideal solution for a multitude of sports-related functions. Whether it's efficiently coordinating ice skating sessions, optimizing field allocation for baseball games, or ensuring the smooth operation of any sporting event, ACTIVENet provides a user-friendly and comprehensive framework that streamlines operations.

3. EzFacility

Use Ezfacility - one platform for a great experience on managing ice hockey facilities

EZFacility's Ice Rink Management Software revolutionizes ice rink operations. This all-encompassing solution simplifies tasks like scheduling, hockey leagues, registration, skate rentals, billing, snack bar, and payments, making ice rink management more efficient and user-friendly. Its hassle-free scheduling system allows for quick adjustments without scheduling conflicts. Customers can conveniently find available slots and book facilities online.

One standout feature is its locker and hockey equipment rentals, while its integrated point-of-sale module streamlines transactions for items like tape, skate sharpenings, and concessions, ensuring accuracy and security. 

EZFacility provides a user-friendly scheduling tool for hockey leagues and tournaments, taking into account team preferences, rink availability, and other factors.

In a nutshell, EZFacility is a comprehensive Ice Rink Management Software that enhances the efficiency and convenience of ice rink businesses, offering a comprehensive solution that optimizes almost all aspects of operations.

4. DaySmart Recreation

Awesome platform for coaches and class management for skating and hockey

DaySmart Recreation is a comprehensive recreation management software designed to cater to all operational requirements of winter sports facilities like Ice Rinks. They have been around for more than 20 years now, providing a complete facility management solution.

In terms of being an ideal solution for Ice Rink Facilities, DaySmart Recreation efficiently handles ice rink scheduling, reservations, and billing, streamlining operations. 

Some of the software's standout features include the ability to schedule for entire seasons, allowing for quick adjustments, public skate ticketing enabling multiple-ticket purchases in one transaction while enhancing the check-in process, efficient locker rentals, and more. They even have custom displays to keep visitors informed about events.

Another very liked feature of this software is the data and analytics part. Furthermore, the email reminders feature was noted as a valuable tool for efficient communication and organizational purposes.

Users have highlighted areas for improvement, notably the initial learning curve when using the software. They've also expressed interest in enhancing features related to account credits, discount management, and membership renewals. However, it's worth noting that customers appreciate the value of proper training and commend the proactive and exceptional customer service provided by DaySmart Recreation. Their long-standing presence in the industry for over two decades reflects their commitment to consistently delivering high-quality service to their clients.

5. Roller Software

Amazing platform for classes, schedule, payments, public skate events, game management

Roller Software is a specialized skating rink management software designed to enhance the operations of skating rinks and related recreational facilities. This software is tailored to meet the unique needs of the skating industry, providing a wide range of features and benefits to streamline administrative tasks and improve customer experiences.

From the aspect of usability of the software, Roller is relatively user-friendly and enables quick internal team onboarding. They also have Roller Academy online resource that comprehensively provides solutions promptly through videos and explanations.

A standout highlight of Roller software is its streamlined wristband management, which automates the otherwise time-consuming process during check-in. This feature allows for efficient identification of various types of skating passes (hourly, full day, etc.), simplifying session time tracking, member recognition, queue reduction, and capacity management. Additionally, wristbands serve as effective promotional tools, effectively functioning as walking advertisements for ice rink facilities.

Apart from that, Roller software has room for improvement in a few areas, such as the data import process, family memberships by making it more comprehensive, and challenges around reporting that users mostly face that require additional functionality.

Roller proves to be an invaluable asset for sports facilities seeking efficient management solutions. While its pricing structure may be slightly higher compared to competitors, this makes it the preferred choice among mid-tier facilities, as well as theme parks and entertainment venues, attesting to its exceptional value and performance.

6. Picktime 

stay connected with your team with top notch ice skating school management

Picktime was launched in 2018 as a simplified scheduling software to suit any business type. It is one of the emerging favorites in the genre of Appointment Scheduling software. As an ice rink software, Picktime is a comprehensive solution crafted to meet the needs of ice skating facilities. 

It is equipped with a range of functionalities, including scheduling, managing ice time allocations, and class bookings. The software makes it easy for skaters to view available slots and make reservations online easily. Along with that, Picktime also has solutions around managing memberships, check-ins, and payments, like any other scheduling software, making it convenient for both skaters and administrators. 

Picktime also has a free plan that gives users and facilities the opportunity to enjoy all the basic features at absolutely no cost! 

Picktime has the potential for further improvement in terms of customization options and its much talked about “no-refund policy.”

Picktime’s pricing plans, designed for all sizes of businesses, empower businesses to optimize operations and provide a seamless experience for skaters in winter recreational facilities.

7. Uplifter

A platform to support and manage ice hockey school classes and ice hockey players

Uplifter is a Skate Club Management Software that is specifically designed to streamline and optimize the business side of things for ice rinks and skating clubs. To facilitate better skating rink management, Uplifter is loaded with a variety of features such as scheduling, booking, membership management, data, financial tracking, reporting, and so much more to help club admins simplify their day-to-day tasks and gain insights into their club’s performance. 

It has a strong partnership with the world’s oldest figure skating organization, Skate Canada, and since 2015, served as Skate Canada's exclusive National Trusted Partner for Figure Skating Software. This makes it a reliable software for ice-skating businesses.

Uplifter’s standout feature is its efficient customer support that is not just responsive but offers customized solutions to users. The software itself boasts of being user-friendly, making complex tasks straightforward and accessible. Their Reports feature is also among users' most loved ones and provides comprehensive information about business registrations, sales, and finances.

Uplifter software enjoys a global user base and particularly shines with Canadian skate clubs. One area where Uplifter software could enhance its user experience is by improving its timezone feature to be more accommodating to users in the United States. 

Secondly, while Uplifter has made progress in improving its checkout interface, there is still potential for enhancing the handling of lengthy invoices.

Despite these challenges, Uplifter remains one of Canada's leading skating rink software, with 1,400,000 participants and 11,000 volunteers and admins using the software on any given day!


To sum it all up, running an ice rink facility comes with a whirlwind of challenges, from managing complex schedules to ensuring smooth bookings, processing payments, maintenance scheduling, fostering meaningful client interactions, and so much more! Modern technology saves the day from streamlining mundane manual work to operational efficiency. 

However, the ideal software choice still depends on the way you understand your business. Indicators such as the business's scale, the nature of your clients, team size, budget constraints, primary client types, etc, help sift through and find the right software that harmonizes with your interests and unique requirements. 

As far as Ice Rink Software is concerned, the blog tries to bring together as much information about the benefits of winter recreational facilities as possible while choosing the one that suits them the best.

Omnify stands as a global solution, offering sports and recreation facilities an all-encompassing answer to the intricacies of business operations. This frees you to focus on providing unparalleled experiences to your cherished clients and members. Begin your journey with Omnify and explore how it can empower your business!


Explore the best software solutions to streamline your ice rink's day-to-day operations & offer skaters the ultimate winter sports experience.

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