5 Tips to Grow your Online Fitness Community

As brick and mortar fitness businesses go virtual, the next ideal step is to enhance member engagement. To make the most of your online fitness, follow these simple and appealing tips to take your business to the next level! 

Online fitness

Make your online classes a treat your members can’t miss

Assemble your virtual fitness classes in a way that participants find it the most engaging. Make sure the energy is high. For a start, offer virtual workouts through user-friendly accessibility. Omnify provides Zoom integration and a super-easy set-up. Help your members find an easy-breezy online solution!

Also, lending personalized support to members is core. Learn their basic fitness requirements and provide one-to-one workouts and diet accordingly. So there is no missing working out with their own trainers! Engage in friendly interactions and keep the communication going. Remember your client’s name and address them likewise. In the current time of social distancing, a small gesture like this will go a long way. Focus on not just getting new clients but retaining lifetime members.

Inclusive fitness programs

Remember, your potential clients constitute beyond a muscle builder or the cardio trainer. Widen your clubs’ reach-out for the target audience and include people from different walks of life. Reduce the age bracket to have younger members under child fitness programs to resume after-school fitness lessons. Look out for older members and introduce programs such as chair-yoga for flexibility and joint strengths. Introduce moderate-intensity workouts that are ideal for women with PCOS. Create special fitness programs that are safe during pregnancy and post-partum. Make your fitness programs all-inclusive and welcoming!

Inclusive fitness programs

Go ahead with fun fitness challenges

Unleash the fun of working out together as you train virtually. Start with fitness challenges and dare your members to do a certain kind of exercise or complete a specific workout a day. Challenge your members to do a particular yoga style or a HIIT session. Challenge them with a hot fitness selfie- that is fun and appealing too! Do not forget to recognize and reward the members who shine out- say a t-shirt, a sipper, caps, etc with your brand logo. Choose one member as ‘Member of the Month’ or pairs who workout together as ‘Couple of the Month’ for keeping the best fitness track record. Always celebrate member milestones!

Building online community with video calls

Interact with the community through social media groups

Create social media groups on Facebook and other platforms to increase member engagement. Remember, there are ways to connect with your community, and social media is bang on! Keep interesting conversations on fitness, workout plans, a healthy diet, cooking tips, creative ideas on home workouts, fitness polls, quizzes, surveys, and other relevant information. The interactions could go a little personal too like virtual celebration of member birthdays, sharing a favorite playlist, or any other achievements- say a 10K run!

social media platforms help in connecting people

Create Referral programs

Create referral programs for client retention. Identify your loyal members and promote your brand. It increases your total figure of repeating customers and brings new ones as well. And yes, keep rewarding them with discounts and incentives. They are keepers!

The pandemic has surely brought huge changes in traditional forms of running a business. But virtual studios have been vital in re-imagining new ways to connect with the world. Communication is not only core to member engagement, but crucial for building community trust as well.

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