How Hashtags can Generate Leads for Fitness Studios

Ever since social media has entered our lives, an increasing number of our conversations have been taking place on these various platforms. Whether we’re sharing our family vacation pictures on Facebook or just Tweeting about the weather - social media has become a natural go-to for us to share what’s on our mind today. 

And it’s not just us; social media gives an equal platform for people to interact with celebrities, businesses, and the like. Whereas most of them might have been difficult to reach out to before, a direct message is all it takes today! It is why most businesses use social media now to advertise, launch new programs, manage bookings, and ultimately scale up their revenues. 

But with all these conversations taking place, how do you make yourself heard over the crowd? That’s where hashtags come in to help! If you didn’t know this by now, hashtags don’t just show you what’s trending; they also help index or categorize your content. From putting all Tweets on a topic under a single list to compiling every Instagram post with the same hashtag in one place for you to view, hashtags have been organizing content on social media for years now.

So when your fitness studio uses the right hashtags in your communication, you will be able to feature your posts amongst your competitors and grab curious eyeballs.

How do Hashtags Help Your Fitness Studio Stand Out?

Essentially, hashtags are engagement magnets across social media platforms. On Instagram, hashtags generate up to 12.5% more engagement on your post. On Twitter. it is a whopping 100% more. Twice the level of engagement!  

So, how can your fitness studio use hashtags to your advantage? For starters, the right hashtags on your posts could allow users with common fitness interests to locate and engage with your content. Keep an eye out for the latest trends and the hashtags used on these posts. Understanding how and when they are being used will allow you to frame your content accordingly. 

Once you start getting an idea of how they work and how your competitors and followers are using them, you will be able to frame your brand-based hashtags. But before you do so, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. 

How to Use Hashtags Effectively?

If you want to get your posts on fitness to trend, there are some basic guidelines to be aware of creating and using your hashtag:

  • Keep it short and precise
  • Avoid stuffing or spamming
  • Be selective, and don't use unrealistic keywords
  • Place hashtags on words that can cause an impact
  • Use unique words or catchphrases that can define your brand personality
  • Understand your target audience and the hashtags they tend to use
  • Learn from fitness influencers and use successful hashtags relevant to your fitness business, like #swimtogetfit or #GoGetReady 

Proceed with a strategy 

If you are to get your fitness studio to make a positive impression on social media, you will have to think beyond just getting the hashtags. While framing your content marketing campaigns, look into where hashtags could make a difference because merely adding hashtags to your post may guarantee more views, but you have to earn your engagement beyond a certain point.

Know your audience well before you place a hashtag. Absorb the language within your fitness community. Understand where they use and don't use hashtags and why. You can also look at your competitors to study the hashtags they use and how effective they are. It will also give you a better understanding of the latest trends within your industry and how you could make a difference. 

One size does not fit all

When preparing your strategy, you must remember that each platform processes hashtags differently due to the difference in how they categorize and store your posts. That is why your hashtag strategy needs to be adaptable to each forum.

Twitter: Due to the word count limitations, don't overuse hashtags. One or two hashtags are enough. Ask your followers to retweet your hashtags and drive engagement. 

Facebook: has made hashtags more relevant over the last couple of years and highlights people-centric content. So, restrict your post to two or three personalized hashtags that connect best with your brand and audience.

Instagram: Instagram technically allows up to 30 hashtags per post but has been working to restrict spam and encourage quality. 10 to 11 hashtags relevant to your brand or topic of discussion should be optimal to get your post more reach and engagement. 

Pinterest: As of 2021, hashtags are no longer as effective on Pinterest as they were the last few years. Today, they function as keywords and are not clickable. So if you want to include them, restrict yourself to keywords that can reach people searching for topics connected to your fitness studio.

LinkedIn: Hashtags on LinkedIn can help you reach out to people outside your network, so use two to three hashtags that speak to your brand and your studio to increase brand awareness. 

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Move with the trend

If you want your hashtags to perform well, they need to keep with the latest trends. Social media moves fast, and with lower attention spans online, you'll find your hashtags may not be as relevant or catchy if they're detached from the language and sentiment of the day.

Trends move fastest on Twitter, with everybody sharing their thoughts in 280 characters or less and a tendency to speak on current events more than any other platform. So first, study the hashtags that get used the most in fitness circles and how people use them in their tweets. Then, gauge the sentiment that forms these hashtags by understanding the tone and language used in the tweets. 

Additionally, do your hashtag research through tools that give you an idea of how keywords or related keywords are used across regions and demographics. Some tools like RiteTag will also provide you with data on exposure, retweets, and other user behavior for each hashtag. So you can generate your brand-specific hashtags for your fitness studio.

Today, fitness studios have made a fine space for themselves on social media within fitness circles. Studios and individual trainers alike use these spaces to build efficient businesses and foster healthy relationships with their audience. The proper use of hashtags in your social media campaigns can help you form the right approach to do this, making sure to work on a sound strategy and expand your brand awareness and reach to grow your business.

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