7 Benefits of Pool-time

Swimming is one of the most popular forms of exercises worldwide. It brings countless health and wellness benefits; making it a wonderful fitness regime. Here’s seven reasons for you to plunge into the pools!

A girl in a swimming pool

1. Whole body workout:

Swimming helps in moving every muscle of your body minus the stress that other heavy workouts can give! For a start, various styles of swim-strokes help in developing upper body strength, provides finest legs workout and improves flexibility. It is even refreshing after a heavy workout to relieve muscle soreness or tightness. 

2. Improving your Vitals:

Good health is all about a good vitals report. Swimming is the best exercise to improve your cardiovascular endurance. Today, half of the world’s health depends on lifestyle choices that eventually affect the normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Swimming as an aerobic exercise helps the heart become larger and pump better. So now you know why you felt happy after that plunge, your heart was happy! 

3. Bye-Bye Arthritis:

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions of joints’ pain that worsens with age. Swimming is ideal for people with arthritis as it provides a weightless environment under water reducing painful joints’ movements. Swimming even helps to avert the risks of arthritis by helping swimmers maintain muscle strength and structure of joints. As such it is also beneficial for people with physical disability or prolonged injury.

4. Increases lung capacity:

Breathing exercises related to swimming helps in increasing the capacity of your lungs and gain control over your breathing. There is, however, a conflict regarding people with asthma where studies in the past show that the humid environment and breathing exercise is good for them yet repeated exposure to chlorine may trigger asthma attacks. Doctor’s consultation is advisable.

5. Weight Loss:

Swimming helps many who want to shed those extra pounds. It is not only efficient in burning calories during the swim but also helps stimulate metabolism so that those extra calories keep burning for a longer time. So it certainly helps you in donning that pretty monokini that you wore just once!

6. As a Stressbuster:

Many studies have revealed how swimming as an exercise helps detox the mind as well. It’s a fun exercise and not a forced one so it relaxes the mind and body, keeps stress at bay and helps overcome insomnia.

Benefits of swimming

7. As a celebration:

Swimming is an add-on to wherever you go. Visiting a country-club, a hotel, a water-park, a beach or simply hiking; a good swim indoors or outdoors is super refreshing and nothing less than a celebration in the summers! A happy pool-time lets you be on the vacation you missed this year!

Swimming pool members enjoying pool time

Your reason to go to the pools may be one of these or a completely personal one. Well, every reason is a good reason!

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