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Varun Baliga

Celebrating Unique Yoga Class Themes that Inspire Well-being

Celebrate Yoga Day with a unique theme for your class!

Yoga offers invariable benefits to those who approach it as a disciplined practice. With a wide variety of unique Yoga classes available today, everyone is welcome to get into flow and channel their energy into a healthier body, mind, and soul.

The importance of Yoga

As the pandemic forced us all indoors last year, yoga was one of those activities that came to the rescue. We recognize and appreciate each and every trainer who found a way to continue their unique yoga classes during the lockdown. Your efforts in helping people all over the world to learn and practice yoga provided a real lifeline during a difficult time and helped people maintain that crucial balance when it was most needed.

The ancient practice of Yoga continues to stay relevant in the 21st century because of the enduring principles that guide those who practice it and the impact it has on our physical and mental well-being. Here are just some of the benefits of yoga:

  1. Relaxes your body, mind, and soul
  2. Improves blood circulation and muscle strength
  3. Boosts flexibility and balance
  4. Relieves back pain and arthritis symptoms
  5. Reduces stress and inflammation
  6. Improves your sleep cycle
  7. Lifts your mood and energy levels

Now, as your yoga classes continue to guide students on their path towards greater fulfillment and well-being, you can chart a course that helps you connect with your class and makes the most positive impact on each student's body, mind, and soul. Crafting a unique yoga class theme would help you teach more effectively and add another dimension to your yoga course.

Why do you need unique yoga themes for classes?

  1. Gives your class and your students a deeper purpose
  2. Fine tune a teaching pedagogy that resonates with your class
  3. Helps you plan your course across more impactful phases
  4. Gives your students greater freedom as they practice and learn
  5. Create a positive environment that extends to your wider community

After a period during which all of us have faced uncertainty in some shape or form, it only stands to reason that we can do with looking for a deeper purpose. Something that gives us the energy and motivation to do better every day. To look within ourselves and be at peace with what we find. To heal ourselves and those around us with all the love in our hearts.

A theme for your class will work like a cohesive strategy that brings your students closer to you and each other. It will help them understand the reason behind each pose and flow and practice with the right focus. A class theme can easily be reflected in your classes as you plan your course in phases that fit your guiding philosophy.

Students will have greater flexibility as they practice, allowing the theme to blend with their perspective and aim for goals that suit their individual needs without losing touch with what you're trying to achieve with your class.

How to pick a unique yoga class theme for your students?

  1. Chart out your students' needs
  2. Assess your class goals
  3. Analyze your teaching pedagogy
  4. Map out your guiding philosophy
  5. Channel your creativity

Any theme you pick must first allow your students to connect with themselves better and channel their energy more effectively. If your class theme does not resonate with your students then you won't have the impact you desire and the whole exercise would be for nothing.

Take a closer look at your goals and how they align with what your students want. Find a way to bridge any gap between the two. You might need to adapt your teaching style which is why it is important to analyze your pedagogy before moving forward with a theme. Your guiding philosophy also plays a part in how you teach and what you wish to achieve in your class.

When you have all these factors mapped out, it's time to get creative with a theme that will inspire your students, align with your goals, optimize your style of teaching, and communicate your philosophy most effectively.

To help you out, we're highlighting and celebrating yoga trainers around the world who have brought their philosophy to life through their classes and inspired students to achieve greater well-being.

Actionable Tips to Grow Your Yoga Studio

1. CamiYoga Studio: Aerial Yoga

CamiYoga classes are based on the theme of Aerial Yoga
"Aerial yoga is freedom, yoga, dance and meditation in one! So many possibilities you can express through the body and the air element as well as the liberation of amazing emotions and sensations,"

-says Camille Shakti Semiotaite, the founder of CamiYoga studio based in Lithuania.

Camille has been a yoga teacher for over 10 years now, picking up on a number of influences throughout her journey. From discovering expression through movement as she practiced singing and dancing to gaining a deeper understanding of the flow of energy through the Chinese martial art of Tai chi, Camille found herself a little more at every step along the way.

In 2014, Camille finally discovered the art and practice of Aerial Yoga, which led her to open CamiYoga Studio in the same year. Over the years, Camille has developed her own unique yoga classes with signature Sun and Moon salutations, exercises, and poses that help her clients understand themselves better everyday.

 "As a teacher, my goal is to convey the precise asana alignment and adaption to everyone, to all different and unique body types as well as encourage students to develop mindfulness and self-awareness on and off the mat,"

---says Camille.

Camille has been teaching both online and offline, using Omnify's platform to reach clients around the world. She has taught over 3000+ hours of classes, workshops, teacher training programs, and retreats, connecting with over 1000 students till date. 

2. Kriya Yoga Studio: Self-realization through Kriya Yoga

In Sanskrit, the word 'kriya' means action. A system prescribed by the great sage Patanjali, Kriya Yoga represents the practices used to attain self-realization through self-analysis, meditation, and surrendering your self-consciousness or ego.

Sadhana, the founder of Kriya Yoga Studio in Australia, set up her first studio in Sydney in 2018. Speaking about the philosophy that guides her classes, she says-

"I believe in teaching holistically where body movements are just not explained intellectually or anatomically but also experienced through the energetic changes and shifts within the physical and the subtle layers."

Sadhana has over 400 hours of teaching experience, conducting classes on Kriya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Vinyasa flow, and slow flow meditation alongside teacher training at her studio. Today Kriya Yoga Studio receives clients from all over Sydney and the studio also conducts online classes using Omnify's Zoom-integration to connect with students practicing from their homes.

3. Yoga with Rebecca Jane: Mantras for Mindfulness

Rebecca Jane is a psychotherapist turned yoga teacher who started teaching when she moved to the UK 15 years ago. Through her classes, Rebecca aims to channel all of the knowledge she has acquired over the years, introducing aspects of psychotherapy and meditation, while maintaining focus on the larger theme of mindfulness.

Speaking about her theme for yoga classes, she says-

"I teach a mixture of so many things and I also like to bring in the whole mindfulness approach and a little bit of my psychology into my yoga."

Rebecca's classes are infused with passion and creativity, drawn from her 25 years of rich experience in psychotherapy, yoga, and mindfulness.

Today, Rebecca takes live classes online for 30 minutes every session. Her unique yoga classes are also themed to help clients solve a variety of problems ranging from lack of sleep to pain due to posture and everything in between. During the pandemic, Rebecca stood like a rock for her clients. Since last March, she has taught 1500 classes to over 250 students using Omnify.

She acknowledges the role technology has played in bringing her closer to her clients and helping her guide them towards greater well-being regardless of the physical distance between them.

"Technology is the way to go in any business. We're a global community and everything is being done online,"

--as Rebecca concludes.

4. Living Yoga: Balancing the body, mind, and soul

The theme for yoga classes at Living Yoga is balance

Living Yoga was started in Singapore by Madam Khoo in 2010. She spent several years on a journey of self-discovery, learning as much about herself and shaping her personal philosophy as she did understanding the wisdom of the ancient practice of yoga and its connection to healing and fulfillment.

The classes at Living Yoga operate with a theme that helps clients achieve a harmonious balance of the body, mind, and soul through the inculcation of multi-disciplinary yoga practices in their daily lives. The classes stress upon the significance of breathing and the role it plays in helping one connect to their subconscious mind, thereby supporting the body as it heals.

Since setting up Living Yoga, Madam Khoo has trained a number of teachers, some of whom have gone on to teach at Living Yoga themselves. The studio now offers a variety of classes including Hatha Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, and more through Omnify. With the help of our Zoom-integration and easy booking process, Living Yoga has been able to connect with clients everywhere and help them find balance in their daily lives.

5. Free Love Yoga: Open Heart/Love

Free Love Yoga classes are based on a theme of love and acceptance

According to Free Love-

"Yoga is more than just a movement practice."

When Audra Carmine - a mother, entrepreneur, community leader, writer, yogi, and so much more - founded Free Love Yoga, it was with the intention of creating a space that would welcome everyone with open arms.

Today, Free Love Yoga offers a non-competitive environment that values the perspective of a beginner's mind. At Free Love, the trainers bring their knowledge of movement and meditation from a variety of disciplines and practices  to help clients connect to the moment and find stillness within.

This radical and loving community of teachers conduct classes on mindfulness, Hatha yoga, and free flow, as well as special sessions through 'Yoga Churches' and singing sessions to help clients channel their positive energy through their best expression.

Free Love Yoga has been conducting unique yoga classes online through the pandemic, using Omnify to spread warmth and joy to their growing community around the world.

6. Devi Soul Healing & Reiki: Converging emotional, physical, and spiritual health

Classes at Devi Soul Healing & Reiki are themed on empathy and unification

Devi Soul Healing & Reiki was founded by Aspen, a Master Reiki Healer and Yoga Practitioner. Aspen has devoted the last two decades of her life to studying health, wellness, and spirituality. On her journey through India, she absorbed the heart and soul of the ancient practice of yoga, imbibing its cultured philosophy with her own.

The yoga classes at Devi Soul are themed upon strong empathy between the teacher and client and seeking an internal unification of their body, mind, and soul. As Aspen says-

"Through the art and science of yoga, I have discovered the connections between our emotional, physical and spiritual health and the oneness of the world around us."

Devi Soul Healing & Reiki offers a variety of online and offline classes and classpacks through the Omnify store that are designed to help clients seek and achieve balance. Their list of services include meditation sessions, Kundalini yoga, Yin flow, Reiki healing, and more.

Yoga beyond borders

Omnify’s Zoom-integration brought yoga communities closer during the pandemic

Last year, the gift of technology ensured that teachers were able to connect with their students from the safety and comfort of their homes. Yoga studios using Omnify were able to switch to online classes with virtually no change in their operations thanks to the platform's seamless integration with Zoom.

As Sadhana, the founder of Kriya Yoga Studio said-

"Having technology gives you the comfort of building relationships, but at the same time provides that interface for the clients which is interactive, easy to use, and saves time for the owner and the client, both."

If you would like to connect effortlessly with your clients both on and off the web, Omnify's booking software is designed to make life easier for you and your clients. Stay up to date with the latest developments, customer stories, and product updates at Omnify! Subscribe to our Newsletter now!


Celebrate wellness on International Yoga Day! Take inspiration from these unique yoga class themes and guide your community towards greater well-being.

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