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Sukanya Kakoty

Getting Creative with Virtual Fitness for Kids

Virtual studios have become the norm of the day. Studio owners are finding innovative ways to engage their clients and retain memberships through virtual platforms. Though fitness studios have opened in several parts across the US, there is a big chance that parents are yet not ready to let their kids use the facilities. And fairly so! This reluctance is understandable as we know how casual children are following cleanliness protocols in general, let alone in the middle of a pandemic.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, school children and adolescents should ideally get at least 60 minutes of brisk exercise daily. So, Virtual fitness is the only way out. However, virtual learning or online fitness has been incredibly difficult for kids with less attention span. 

So, how to make fitness fun for kids online?

  1. An easily accessible platform
  2. Energy, energy and more energy
  3. Innovative classes
  4. Reward programs

Let’s find out what methods could studio owners adopt to engage their little clients.

1. An easily accessible platform

Setting up a virtual studio is core. Omnify provides a Zoom integration model for fitness studios to manage classes virtually. Omnify set-up is super easy and affordable for studios of all sizes. After establishing a reliable technology platform, style your virtual studio with a vibrant layout. Use abundant natural light in the room, put house plants, and colored wallpapers or posters. Let the positive vibe come in. You will see how your young audience loves your complete set-up.

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2. Energy, energy and more energy

Virtual instruction vastly differs from in-person instruction methods. Keep your energy levels high and the enthusiasm of a butterfly-chasing toddler. Your high-energy performance is key in keeping the kids fascinated. Also, try to cap your classes within 45 mins to one hour to keep their attention intact and you unexhausted. 

3. Innovative classes

Virtual fitness trainers are using innovative ways to capture the attention of the kids. Make exercising feel like a party. Use fun rhymes to make the kids stretch, jump, and move. Play a ‘Wheels on the bus’ or ‘Baby shark’ to get them rolling! You could introduce Zumba-style workout, hula-hooping, Disney-inspired, or 'cheerobics' workout and become an action-packed story-teller and make them groove to your tunes. Kids will simply forget that they completed a round of exercise.

4. Reward Programs

Your lively virtual classes are already rewarding for the kids. To make your classes even more engaging for kids and stick to their regular fitness routines, introduce rewards programs- like attendance reward points, best performer points or best improvement, etc. Announce prizes, say a free class, or free goodies by redeeming their reward points. The idea is to increase sign-ups and build a bond for long-term memberships.

This school year has been a real challenge for the kids. Children have missed their after-school fitness regimes at a time when it’s needed the most. Providing virtual fitness is the only hope to engage your younger clients. So brush your creative faculties and scale-up your virtual fitness studios to embrace the future of a healthy community. 

To set-up your virtual studio, start a communication with Omnify or Schedule a Demo.


Virtual fitness for kids is essential yet challenging. Omnify helps virtual studios with ways to get creative and make fitness fun for kids.

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