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Sukanya Kakoty

Achieving Business Growth: Unlocking Opportunities with Client Activity Management

client management system to offer quality services, get customer information, and hit business goals

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. This is one challenge that doesn’t just end with creating a storefront, showcasing your offerings, figuring out the scheduling part of it, or maybe even setting up frictionless payment processing at your facility!

Yes! You are running a facility with as full gusto as you can. You can see people coming in and using your courts, booking your classes, and even signing up for memberships. Yet, there is something that’s bothering you at the back of your mind. You have gathered an enormous amount of client information, but the way you have stored it on multiple spreadsheets or forgotten sheets or that age-old software that you have been using for eons now is not particularly helping you much. Rather it’s been like juggling a hundred balls in the air while trying to maintain a smile on your face!

Here’s where a powerful, intuitive Business Management Software comes in as a trusty sidekick to your otherwise growing client base and booming business.

With Great Clients Comes Great Responsibilities

Customer relationship management gets easier with business insights

While setting up a business or facility remains the core of one’s business focus most of the time, once that’s done, business owners often feel overwhelmed with the next phase. Admit that you ensured “the best client experience” as a bright tagline on your website, yet it has been easier said than done!

It can be a real challenge to keep track of all those clients, names, preferences, appointments, memberships, schedules, staff information, client interactions, and so on and so forth!

How about having one tool that’s powerful enough to help organize, access, and manage all the raw and aggregated client data in one centralized location and from one single dashboard without the horror of getting all your sticky notes, sheets, and thoughts scattered all over the front desk? Because effective data drives better business insights and informed decisions. And you know it.

What is Client Management?

A business quickly can view client data and insights with Omnify's powerful dashboard

Client Management refers to the process of maintaining relationships between your organization and your clients. It aims at building strong connections by providing exceptional services and improving client experience and maximizing client satisfaction and loyalty.

Client management encompasses a whole range of activities that a business and its management undertake throughout the lifecycle of a customer. From the very initial contact to customer acquisition to onboarding and support, client management encompasses a wide range of actions.

It is the later part of the life cycle that helps a business understand a customer better. Managing and overseeing client accounts, being able to track key metrics, organizing, analyzing, and further optimizing client information and interactions helps in creating a positive and fulfilling customer journey, reducing friction, and providing a minimum need for touchpoints.

What is Customer Analytics? 

Customer Analytics or Client Insights is the process of gathering client information and data related to the client’s interactions with the business. Right tools help for both data collection and analysis so businesses can gain unique perspectives and insights on customer behaviours, popular services, popular time slots, trainers, etc. 

Client Insights are crucial and of utmost importance for a business to figure out strategies and make the most informed decisions on marketing, to increase sales, upsells, improving customer retention, product development, personalized offerings, and more that give the best ROIs and revenue growth.

How does Customer Analysis or Client Insights help in Client Management?

Big and small business owners rely on client relationship management to maintain current customer base, improve customer engagement, increase customer satisfaction, improve client management, and in retaining customers

For every business, client data and insights are extremely important, especially for a service-related business, a facility center, a fitness studio, a boutique gym, or an online language teacher for kids. It is very crucial for businesses of all sizes to understand how their clients are interacting with their business. 

One may have many such questions in mind, such as-

  • Are my clients loving the services or classes that are being offered?
  • Is there a water aerobic class that they like more than the rest?
  • Is there a specific fitness trainer that is more popular?
  • What does the attendance side of things look like?
  • Am I getting my payments on time?
  • Is there a member who has not checked in for yoga classes in a while?
  • What are the popular facilities of the season to rent out?
  • What is the number of people using the pool this summer?
  • Can I track guest usage vs. member usage?
  • What is the season’s total revenue?
  • How much revenue did the facility generate from classes? 
  • And, how much from renting spaces?
  • Can I pull out accounts for classes? 
  • What about tracking guest fees?

If any of these or all of these questions have ever crossed your mind and either you haven’t found answers to them or burning the midnight oil to put everything together- by now, you know that you need good client management software

Analytics and Insights: Know what’s happening with your business better!

Omnify Client management system to improve customer relationships

The Analytics and reports feature of Client Management Software makes your dashboard super powerful with a complete picture and a 360° overview of your business and a fair breakdown of client activity. Create customized reports with real-time data and manage your business, existing customers, repeat customers, loyal customers, and clients better. 

What are 4 ways Clients’ Insights help your business with?

Client Profile gives better client insights and helps in creating better customer experiences
  1. Managing Client Accounts
  2. Prompt Customer Support
  3. Client Retention
  4. Upselling and Cross-Selling

Let’s understand each in greater detail-

  1. Managing Client Accounts-

It helps in maintaining accurate information and tracking client interactions with your business and services so that a business owner or facility manager can pre-empt any issue or concern. This involves businesses identifying opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, renewing services, or offering discounts.

  1. Prompt Customer Support-

Because now you know from the clients’ insights about what services are being used frequently or where there are drop-offs, it becomes easier for a business’s customer support team to address existing client inquiries, increase required touchpoints and client calls, resolve issues quickly, and ensure satisfaction.

  1. Client Retention-

An extension of prompt customer support is successful client retention. Analyzing Client Data and Insights helps in predictive analysis so businesses get a sense of forecast on client behavior, pain points, possible churns, and risk analysis. Therefore it eventually helps in designing strategies and creating conditions to improve client experience via offers of discounts, customized features, or maybe a customer loyalty program to retain existing customers and clients who might possibly churn.

  1. Upselling and Cross-selling-

Client activity management and data-driven business insights also help businesses in finding opportunities to upsell or cross-sell additional services to existing clients according to their needs and preferences, allowing them to stay on top of their profits and losses!

How is Client Activity Management Software beneficial? Here’s how Omnify’s Quick Insigths help-

Know what's happening with your business and be on the same page as your clients

This is how Omnify Analytics and Reports can help you get quick insights into a lot of aspects of your business. Have a look-

  1. New Clients- Get the number of new clients onboarded to your system or prospective leads.
  2. Sales- Get customized reports on gross sales of your business over any period of time, track pending payments, and a sum of all invoices.
  3. Earnings- Get info on regular cash flow into your business.
  4. Refunds- Track your refunds wisely and plan for the future better.
  5. Bookings- Get detailed information on the number of bookings your business made over any period of time.
  6. Cancellations- Track all cancellations, including partial cancellations.
  7. Check-ins- Get an overview of the number of actual attendees that checked in after they booked your services.
  8. Avg. Purchase Value- Dig deeper and understand the average purchase value of all your services in the business and redo your pricing if needed.

There is definitely more to it. Schedule a Call or Sign up for Free to get more information on how Client Activity Management will work for your business.


The power to have detailed reports at your fingertips is impeccable for anyone running a business, a facility, a class, or a solopreneur. The easily retrievable insights are no less than pure gold when it comes to using that information to understand your clients better, what preferences they have, what popular services you have, and where there is a chance of improvement and likewise make informed and intelligent business decisions around client management, marketing strategies and client retention and eventually a successful business. 


Discover the power of Client Activity Management for better business insights. Organize, manage, and utilize client data in one place for business success.

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