We've got a New Home- Introducing Quick Insights 🥁

We have a news to share- we now have a new Home. And it’s filled with insights on how your business is performing.

Quick Insights, as the name suggests, will give you a quick snapshot of what has been happening in the business lately.

This is the first release from our Reporting overhaul project where we will be releasing deeper insights into your business- sales, bookings, team-members clients.

Now, let me show you Quick Insights first:

You will find 8 grids with graphs to help you with your performance tracking -

Let’s breakdown each metric for better understanding :

  1. New Clients - tells you about the no.of new clients you have on boarded- includes leads as well. Now you know when you are having a wave of people coming in ;) 🎉

  1. Sales - tells you about the gross sales the business has done over a period of time. It is the sum of all invoices. It includes pending payments as well. Keep that cash flowing! 💰

  1. Earnings - tells you about the cash flow into the business. It’s calculated as Sales minus the taxes.  🏖️

  1. No.of Refunds - tells you about the no.of refunds that you have given out over a period of time. Don’t worry, refunds are a noble cause.👑

  1. Bookings - tells you about the no.of bookings the business has had over a period of time. On an average customers using Omnify are seeing 30% month on month growth.

  1. Cancellations - tells you about the no.of cancellations of invoices the business has had for the bookings. It also includes partial cancellations. Your clients probably had some reservations of their own. ⌚

  1. Check-ins - this metric tells you how many people actually attended the services they booked. You can easily track daily footballs and attendance now 🦄

  1. Avg. Purchase Value - this metric tells you about the average purchase value of all the services in the business. Hit that pricing sweet spot! 🍯

We have also worked on the graph to make it work with the Quick Insights. Now you can easily toggle between Sales & Clients data. It has got a sweet make-over too.​

We believe that these numbers will give you more control and power to manage your business efficiently. With these metrics, you can understand what strategies and directions work best for your business.

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Quick Insights, as the name suggests, will give you a quick snapshot of what has been happening in the business lately.


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