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Varun Baliga

How to sell-out your online courses on Black Friday?

E-learning has picked up significantly in recent years with everyone looking to up-skill and stay relevant in today's competitive job market. And with the continuing development of teaching aids and technology, the global e-learning market is expected to touch a whopping $325 billion in value by 2025! 

With a shopping holiday that starts right after Thanksgiving, you can leverage the rush from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with Small Business Saturday tucked in between to give you four golden days to maximize sign ups on your booking website.

So, how to successfully sell-out your online courses and make the most out of Black Friday this year?

  1. Package and Sell More Courses
  2. Create a Black Friday Coupon Code
  3. Offer a Free Workshop or Mini Course
  4. Set a Black Friday Countdown
  5. Free Resources

Read on to find out how you can strategize your Black Friday marketing effectively this year and drive your sales to new highs!

1. Package and Sell More Courses

If you have been selling classes individually, then Black Friday and Cyber Monday present the perfect opportunity to pack in 10, 20, or 30 classes in the form of a comprehensive course that would help your students achieve specific results upon completion.

Classpacks allow your students to buy these classes at once and redeem each class at any time available on your calendar depending on their convenience. Classpacks are also more attractive as they add more value for your students at slightly lower prices, while you get to maintain a high margin for your business.

Package and sell more is good deal jimmy fallon

Designing your best courses in the form of classpacks can make for a creative Black Friday offering that will attract the right attention to your website and generate more conversions in the end.

2. Create a Black Friday Coupon Code

Nothing gets holiday shoppers excited like a customized Black Friday coupon code! It's all yours and it offers incredible savings to your users. As you plan your discounts and offers, explore the unique offerings you could share with your users that also resonates closely with your brand.

Black Friday Coupon code

Create a Black Friday coupon code that is catchy and connects to the discount you are offering. This will add to your brand value and help you run a more effective marketing campaign across all channels. You can also set up pop-ups on your website with the code to ensure it is easily accessible to customers before their checkout.

3. Offer a Free Workshop or Mini Course

While your Black Friday deals look most attractive with a lower price, another way to create a more tempting package is by adding more value to your course. Black Friday sales allow you to pair your better performing courses with your less popular ones and generate interest.

Positioning it as a sweet free gift will make it quite tempting to an audience who will only stand to gain from an extra course! You can also create specific workshops that match each of your leading courses while also being tailored to suit your Black Friday campaign.

Free Workshop or gift on Black Friday

4. Set a Black Friday Countdown

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, creating a sense of urgency is essential to maximizing your sales before the holiday period ends. Set up a countdown timer that ends on Black Friday on your website and constantly update your users on the deadline as it approaches to drive them to your website. Place a prominent call-to-action (CTA) right next to your timer to make it easier for your visitors to register. 

Final Countdown Black Friday

All you need to do then is make sure you can keep up with the flood of entries that follow! Here, using an online class management system can help you streamline your website registrations and allow you to manage all your data effectively without much manual effort on your part.

5. Distribute Free Resources

Goodies always leave people happier and educational resources that share valuable knowledge connected to your field of teaching would be a great gift to entice your audience during Black Friday!

Free gift on Black Friday

Create free resources connected to each of your courses and market these across all platforms. You can send these out to your current students through emails, promote them on social media, and even include them in your course bundles as exciting bonus material!

Streamline your marketing campaigns and business this Black Friday!

Getting your Black Friday campaigns can be a challenging task in itself, but once this is done you will still need to handle the flow of new students joining your classes! Start optimizing your business today and prepare for the rush with plenty of time to spare. 

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The anticipation is rising for Black Friday with the perfect opportunity to fill out your classes! Read on to know how to maximize your holiday sales in 2021!

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