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Sukanya Kakoty

Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Fitness and Wellness Businesses

Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Fitness and Wellness Businesses

Needless to say, it’s that time of the year when the spirit of the holiday season brings in the storm of spending! For those of you in the fitness industry, there is no better time than now to sell your services, attract memberships and sweep everyone off their feet with the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in the market!

Now, Black Friday may be the ideal marketing holiday for product based businesses, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for fitness and wellness businesses to cash in on the post-Thanksgiving fitness rush.

So, How do fitness and wellness businesses maximize sales this Black Friday?

  1. Working out the Thanksgiving Binge!
  2. Optimize your Email Marketing Campaigns
  3. Polish your Discounts and Offers
  4. Micro-influence your Audience
  5. Pitch in post-Pandemic Hype

Let’s deep-dive into each of these points to not just get started but to help your fitness business set a record-breaking year in terms of growth!

1. Working out the Thanksgiving Binge!

It’s the season when people go overboard with joy and gravy boats. So help your clients indulge in guilt-free eating on Thanksgiving and make room for plenty of leftover turkey and pie! Introduce special and discounted 'holiday fitness classes' to get your clients moving and cut down on the calories.  

Black Friday Thanksgiving binge

As a fitness studio owner, Black Friday is also the best time to inspire new clients to sign up for your memberships and plan well into the New Year ahead! Push your New Year fitness campaigns early to get maximum traction, set attractive discounts on memberships during this time, organize giveaways of branded merchandise, or even offer a free class or two! 

It's all about tailoring deals that help your clients and prospects accomplish their New Year goals happily. For someone who is starting a fresh fitness journey, is there anything better than starting on the cusp of a new year and at half the usual price too?

2. Optimize your Email Marketing Campaigns

As you gear up to launch a strong Black Friday campaign, you will need undivided attention from your clients and audience online. Sending personalized emails through your fitness or wellness studio can get your email list excited and eager to know more about your offer!

Black Friday email marketing

Start sending your subscribers emails offering exclusive limited-time discounts on services, memberships, and merchandise. You can even share compelling content to consume such as free resources, diet charts, home workout videos, etc. 

Black Friday email marketing also helps you reach out to regular clients who have class packages but aren’t members yet. You could try engaging them based on their class packs and activate discounted deals that tempt them to also go for studio memberships.

3. Polish your Discounts and Offers

Black Friday gives your fitness or wellness studio the perfect opportunity to repackage your services in interesting combinations at attractive prices! You could combine a yearly membership plan with three months of personal training, or combine an annual membership with a discounted membership plan for another family member. Think of multiple combinations and bundles and present the best deal that suits your clients.

Black Friday Discounts

On Black Friday, you can even reward your current members for their invaluable loyalty over the years! Offer special rewards to your members for being an essential part of your business. Let them use an additional service or an extra class for a few months. You could even announce an early bird discount for your members or a ‘buy now pay later’ model to build trust as a fitness brand.

4. Micro-influence your Audience

The fitness market can be pretty saturated when it comes to the hottest deals of the year, as it is during Black Friday. When every other gym or fitness studio is marketing on the same platforms, what can you do to stand out? 

Expand your social media marketing beyond the usual announcements. Help your studio bask in the spotlight with the help of influencer marketing. You can also launch a hashtag campaign, build credibility with user-generated content, and run paid ads. 

Getting micro-influencers who are into fitness and have a decent following can generate a positive buzz about your studio. They can also drive sales by spreading awareness about your studio to their highly-engaged audience. Fitness brands should keep their target audience in mind while choosing an influencer who could tailor content accordingly and leverage their Black Friday campaigns effectively.

Use social media influencers for Black Friday marketing

5. Pitch in post-Pandemic Hype

Following the pandemic, fitness studios found a host of new customers who were happy to lean on technology and work out from the comfort of their homes. There’s no better time than now to pitch your post-pandemic programs to appeal to this section of your audience. Introduce new class types to add variety to your virtual and hybrid offerings. 

As a studio offering fitness or wellness solutions, you could also shift focus from the ‘binge shopping culture’ that surrounds Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Draw more focus towards the importance of mindfulness therapy and how your offerings could support the physical and mental wellbeing of your clients and members.

Black Friday mindfulness idea for fitness marketing

To avoid the rush and manage classes well, get your class scheduling done with an intuitive management software solution. People would be looking for the best classes online, so online class scheduling software that integrates easily with your website will undoubtedly help your target audience find your studio with ease!

Streamline your marketing campaigns and studio this Black Friday!

Getting your Black Friday campaigns can be a challenging task in itself, but once this is done you will still need to handle the flow of new members joining your fitness or wellness studio. Start optimizing your business today and prepare for the rush with plenty of time to spare. 

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There is no better time than Black Friday and Cyber Monday to maximize your sales! Read the full blog to know how your studio can set new records in 2021!

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