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Sukanya Kakoty

Part 1: SerenaFit- Thinking ahead of Times- How it all began?

SerenaFit is a leading online training studio bringing in-home fitness solutions. It provides live, semi-private group workouts that are innovative, enjoyable that adjusts to clients’ busy schedules. SerenaFit is all about ‘taking fitness anywhere’. But how did it all start? Virtual fitness as a movement has just begun trending, with social distancing being the buzzword of 2020! But SerenaFit’s founder and Lead trainer, Serena Scanzillo rethinking newer ways of fitness way back in 2008, definitely talks a lot about a ‘woman much ahead of her times’! 

This is the inspiring tale of SerenaFit and how it all began.

When SerenaFit was launched in 2008, the fitness business was under the monopoly of big-box chains like Lifetime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness and LA fitness, etc.—not giving ample way for boutique fitness culture to develop. Moreover, technology was still building for people to easily access fitness with the power of a click!

For an avid traveler and fitness enthusiast that Serena is, friendships, community, and good networking skills came naturally. It was an excitement for Serena to think, “If I travel to London or California, how could I work out with the people I meet once I return to the East Coast?” SerenaFit eventually became the baby behind the brilliant idea of blending her resources and connections around the world.

SerenaFit became a close witness to the many tectonic shifts that the fitness industry has undergone over the years with practices such as Cycling, Barre, Power Yoga, Kickboxing, among others. These innovative ideas became a considerable part of the ‘trending culture’ that everyone wanted to be a part of. It evoked a movement that combined luxury, opportunity, and popularity, something which looked larger than life yet accessible, where FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) played a significant role! This phenomenon saw the rise of boutique gyms that provided an alternative to the big boxes. Boutique gyms offered a superior luxury gym experience, qualified trainers, and powerful branding that boasted of an upscaled status quo- a lifestyle from where there was no going back!

The Tsunami called Covid-19.

Health and wellness is the key to a healthy community. However, fitness became more than just a physical regime. Fitness became fashionable. People donning neon-colored activewear, striking a braggy pose, and flashing their iPhones towards the gym mirrors had become a common sight. The fitness industry saw a massive surge in revenues by 2019. 

Covid-19 swept the globe in Winter 2020. With the shutting down of gyms at the very onset of the year, there was definitely a huge change of plans for the healthy working population- the gym-goers. Staying at home is the need of the hour; staying inactive is not! They had to figure out things real fast.

Fitness, in a way, ‘Zoomed’ into peoples’ houses. Virtual fitness became the order of the day. Healthy, financially stable, and self-quarantined folks were all set for stay-at-home lives. It transformed the way people saw fitness, i.e., through brick and mortar set-ups. Fitness came home, and everyone was gearing to either provide or gain access. For SerenaFit, it was just another day!

SerenaFit brought in the obvious solutions that people were looking for. In this journey of virtual fitness, SerenaFit drew all attention. It became the tortoise in the race. People started talking about it, and SerenaFit went from basic boot camp classes to high-quality Live. SerenaFit has the expertise, the technology, the client-first attitude, and the power to impact peoples’ lives positively. What else, even the time is right- just on time to strike the iron while it's hot!

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Virtual fitness is a new challenge for studios. SerenaFit is a success story of taking fitness anywhere. Part 1 talks about how the journey started.

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