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Sukanya Kakoty

Part 4: SerenaFit + Pro Tips-  Smart Hacks for a Successful Fitness Studio

The journey of SerenaFit has been one of its kind. And it's not over; the process is ongoing. Probably there have been several retakes on the way. Making money and gaining mileage is even tricky with the tremendous competition today- to the point that it is often startling for a few. But good planning, organizational skills, communication, and flexibility are the top points that lead the road to success. 

Good News! There is always someone who started before you did. Whether a fitness business or any other similar venture, look for tips from people that already walked that road and crossed the hurdles. Yes! These are a few extra Pro-Tips from SerenaFit's owner Serena Scanzillo that you don't want to miss. Don’t just survive, thrive!

Engage with the World

I suggest you apply for competitions, grants, pitch contests, and everything in between. You meet some of the coolest people at these events who can end up playing a more significant role in your growth later on. Not to mention they're all vast learning experiences. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel, so I recommend looking for local retreats and online webinars or workshops to connect with people around the world. Engage with them, follow them on social media, or suggest a virtual meet-up to mastermind together!

Be your Biggest Cheerleader

Be your biggest cheerleader. This is all very hard. Nothing about running a start-up is easy, but you do it because you're trying to solve a problem and because you genuinely believe in it. Keep pushing until you can punch through because it'll happen eventually. 

Hire Experts

You can't do everything in your business. There comes the point where you have to remind yourself that you can't wear all the hats. Hire, automate, and share the load with folks who are experts in the areas you aren't. The quicker you realize this, the faster your company will grow. If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you have hired an amateur. I have had lots of clients who have spent thousands of dollars with trainees and have not gained anything and are cautious when they hire me, someone, who actually knows what they are doing, because of it.

SerenaFit is a success story in its own right. The vision, the belief, the dare to go ahead and pave a new path for virtual fitness is just inspiring to many. What was once thought to be an exception has become the rule today. And, what better ways than to learn from the master itself. Know how SerenaFit began in this incredible journey of providing virtual fitness training. You might land upon what you, as a small fitness studio wanting to make big is looking for!

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SerenaFit is a virtual fitness success story. Part 4 gives away a few extra Pro-tips for running a successful studio and thriving in the fitness business.

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