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Why National Pool Reopening Day is a perfect time to upgrade your pool?

National Pool reopening day is a tradition followed to mark the official reopening of pools for summer

Summer is back this year for good times and tan lines! Everyone loves to rest and relax by the poolside on a hot sunny day after being cooped up indoors around the year, which invites pool facility owners to get extra prepared for this season. It’s time to mark the official start of summer this year with Pool reopening day on April 29th!

History of National Pool Reopening Day:

National Pool Reopening day 2023

Leslie’s pool supplies started celebrating this day every last Saturday of April since 2016 and sooner it has become a tradition among most Americans. This day was founded to encourage swim club owners to keep pools safe and clean as much as possible. 

The excitement of people dusting off their swimsuits and heading to swimming pools for the first time in summer is palpable! Also, the pool serves as a social outlet for people giving them a chance to meet up with new people and catch up with friends and family. 

Celebrating Pool Reopening Day!

Pool reopening days are celebrated with pool parties, water games, community events and other fun activities

Opening the pool on this day is only the beginning, owners should prep up their swim clubs to harmonize with the excitement of the clients. Pool reopening days are exciting for both pool owners and clients who look forward to this day all year to welcome the warm days in different ways by throwing a pool party, organizing a pool-side barbeque, arranging pool exercises, soaking up the sun by lounging in the pool area, playing water games, organizing community swim events, swimming competitions etc. 

Let the fun begin!

 It’s important to keep the pool clean and sanitized as summer attracts huge crowd towards swimming facilities

When people are back to enjoy every moment of summer fun pool owners should make sure to give them the best pool experience of the season. Pool maintenance may seem like a chore but it’s essential to ensure regular maintenance of your swim facility around such a busy season 

Prepare your pool facilities ahead, make sure that the pool equipments are properly sanitized and the pool is ready for all the crowd that’s going to pour in. To effectively manage and to provide the best customer experience, employ a management software that would take care of all your scheduling issues. 


When pool reopening day signifies the excitement that comes within to welcome the summer days. It’s the responsibility of pool owners to manage their clients and improve the overall experience. As you get ready for the pool reopening day you might find it difficult to take up all operational workload yourself make sure to have the right tools to improve your quality of service further. 

Omnify offers an all-in-one solution to manage a huge amounts of customers pouring in by effectively scheduling the availability of your swim facility. To get a hold on how easy is to use our platform and to check out how suitable Omnify is to manage your administrative needs sign up for our FREE PLAN and get started today!


National Pool Reopening Day is here this year on 29th April! Discover the benefits and responsibilities of pool ownership and fun activities for your clients.

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