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Our cutting-edge solution revolutionizes scheduling and management, making parks and recreation centers a vibrant hub for all. Empower your staff and embrace the future with our intuitive technology, bringing joy and connectivity to your community. Get ready for a whole new level of excitement!

It’s Free, Sign-up todayOmnify Music School software is the best among music school software solutions that help music schools with administrative tasks, scheduling classes and back office operations

4 more reasons to use Omnify as your Parks and Rec Management Software

3x more revenue
Our robust suite of tools is specially designed to optimize your park and recreation operations, resulting in a remarkable revenue increase.
Reduce drop-outs and no-shows by 90%
Bid farewell to the frustration of no-shows and drop-outs. With Omnify's powerful features, such as automated reminders and confirmations, you can drastically reduce missed reservations at your park and recreation facilities.
Fill your Amenities 2x faster
Unlock the potential of your park's amenities with Omnify's cutting-edge marketing tools. Reach the right audience and supercharge your bookings.
Save up to 10 hours every week
Say goodbye to monotonous administrative tasks that eat up your precious time. With Omnify, you can automate and streamline your operations, freeing up to 10 hours per week.
Omnify Music School Software helps music teachers in better class management, online booking and online registration, take group lessons, maintain student records and student progress, securely accept payments

Effortlessly Manage Your Community Members

Streamline the process of managing your community members with Omnify's all-in-one solution. From registrations to memberships, our platform offers a seamless experience for both administrators and community members, ensuring efficient management of your park and recreation center.

Omnify Music School Software is one unified platform that enables users in lesson scheduling, collect payments, coordinate with music staff, ensure attendance tracking and more

Seamless Facility Management

Our user-friendly platform offers centralized facility management, allowing you to efficiently track availability, allocate resources, and streamline the booking process. With automated confirmation and reminders, customizable booking rules, and real-time reporting, you can optimize facility utilization, enhance the community experience, and make data-driven decisions.

Omnify is the best music school software that maximizes teaching resources and provides customized solution to music school to attend a larger audience

Real-Time Reservations and Waitlist Management

Effortlessly track, record, and update your community members on their reservations and waitlist changes in real-time using Omnify's advanced management system. Keep your members informed and engaged by providing transparent and up-to-date information on their reservation status and waitlist movements.

Music School software designed for students and parents quick and easy access

Enable Family Bookings for Community Members

With Omnify, it's effortless for community members to register and book services for their friends and family at your park or recreation center. Our platform allows them to conveniently view schedules, check availability, and make bookings for their loved ones, all within their own profile. Bring families closer together and create memorable experiences by enabling seamless family bookings with Omnify's user-friendly solution.

Highly flexible Omnify Go is suitable on all mobile devices for scheduling classes better, helps user access from anywhere, simplifies administrative processes, helps generate reports, allows enhanced interactivity, increase efficiency and keep track of business on the go

Omnify's Mobile App: Manage Your Schedules and Clients on the Go!

With our mobile app for iOS and Android, you can manage your schedules and clients on the go. View and manage services and client information right from your mobile device, and contact clients with just one click.

Omnify Music School Software helps music schools and educational institutions with its cloud based solution, marketing tools, online portal, online forms to easily manage music classes

Track Bookings, Clients & Sales from the Dashboard!

Access all your sales, bookings, and client data from one centralized location. Use Omnify analytics to understand how your different classes and courses are performing, and optimize your operations to maximize revenue.

Running Multiple Locations?
Memberships and Facilities

Omnify’s multi-location solution offers complete multi-location management software with centralized control, location-level personalization, and API access.

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“Omnify fulfills our needs by streamlining booking, payments, and customer data management. Their insights show us where we are strong today and where we can improve for a better tomorrow. “
“Omnify has a very user-friendly and pleasant interface. It was super easy to understand, easy to customize, and overall very professional in the most cost-effective way. “
“The Omnify customer service business model on top is super efficient. We love the touch of empathy that the customer support shows us which is probably not common for a tech company.”

Features highlight

Member Benefits

Define exclusive access for your regulars, and offer them special discounts

Family Profiles

Let your community members ad their family to Omnify under a single profile and make reservations on their behalf

QR Check Ins

Use Omnify’s check-in feature to track attendance and no-shows And ensure members only access to exclusive amenities.

Liability Waivers

Eliminate paper clutter and increase efficiency with our digital liability waivers. Protect your business and customers with our in-built liability waivers.

Classes and Classpacks

Elevate your swimming pool’s potential by offering swimming lessons and various other classes

Lane Bookings and Pool Rentals

Easy multi-lane and multi-pool management tools to help you rent out your pools the way that you like

Team Access

Enable Team Access Management by creating different roles and custom permission level or use our default permissions setting.

Website and Widgets

Create a beautiful website showcasing your doula business with personalized branding.

Capacity Management

Ensure your pool is full to capacity without worrying about double bookings and overfilling.


Offer various types of discounts ranging special family discounts to exclusive members only discounts.

Auto & Reminder Notifications

Never let your members miss any of their reservations with our email notification and reminder systems

Online Recurring Payments

Automate online recurring payments and stop worrying about manual renewals every single month

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