How India’s biggest Co-working space is using Omnify

In just 3 years, NASSCOM 10,000 Startups grew from 60 people co-working space to 600 people co-working space. This is how NASSCOM 10,000 managed 10X growth with support from Omnify’s co-working software.

10,000 Start-up’s Story

The 10,000 Startups is a one-of-its-kind incubation program in the world that helps early stage technology startups from India. The 10,000 Startup Warehouses offer terrific co-working space in central locations across the country at very affordable rates.

Currently, 10,000 Startups Warehouse seats 100+ Startups and has 700+ Members.

The Challenge

Before opening the second space, 10,000 Start-ups recognized the need for a software to manage their facility. After all, it was 10x the capacity. They have 20 meeting rooms, an event space and a Hackcelerator which offers day passes for flexible working.

They began looking for a software which would help them manage the facility. “We wanted something that offered online scheduling and handled membership payments. We mostly wanted a self-serve portal where our members can check the availability and book, ” says Ashok Madaravally.

The Solution

“We wanted a self-serve booking portal and heard about Omnify, it fitted our needs perfectly.” says Madravally.

With Omnify’s online scheduling, we could offer our members the convenience to book anytime. We got our own customized iOS and Android app powered by Omnify along with the website.

It saves us a lot of time as we can automate all the mundane and repetitive tasks. And, it’s is much better than spreadsheets. 10,000 startups also offer Day passes which is so much easier to book with Omnify’s scheduling. Omnify sends auto-reminders to members when their membership is nearing its expiration date. This helps us save a lot of time and effort.

Omnify also have the Auto-pay features, which helps recurring payments. However, this option is only available for Stripe customers. 

And the best part? You can get all the details from your dashboard. Sales, Analytics, Occupancy, Membership expirations and more

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