How Joy of Yoga studio is running their Business entirely from the Omnify Go Mobile app

Nina is the owner of Joy of Yoga, a major yoga studio in Detroit. With over 200 customers it is a favorite in the locality. This is how Omnify helped Nydia to run her Studio entirely through Omnify’s automation tools and the Omnify Go mobile app.



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Nina’s story:

Nina was passionate about Yoga for about as far as she could remember. She had always dreamt of opening a Yoga studio and spread the concept of Yoga and so started offering classes at her home for a small group of people. Initially, there was only one class per day with about 10 - 15 people per class.


The challenge:

As word about her Yoga class spread, she realized she had to open a studio and expand the number of classes, perhaps even bring in and manage some staff members. So, in 2016 she opened her own Yoga Studio. Within a couple of months, she hired 2 more yoga instructors and they were doing as many a s 4-5 classes every week. Nina also hosts Yoga workshops in and around Detroit. For that, she had to travel a lot. This led her to search for services that could help her manage her classes, workshops, and staff, and more importantly do it on the go and this, in turn, led her to Omnify.


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The solution:

“My needs were somewhat unique. I needed to be able to manage my classes from my phone as I do not have a computer always and also because I keep traveling frequently. The Omnify Go app helps me do exactly that and more. It is the perfect fit for my needs.”


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"When I started, they were new in the market, so I was not sure if they could help me run my business. What I really liked was the simplicity of the software and the excellent support. It was like I could pick up my phone and call them. They really understood the pain points and it shows in the product. I have never looked back since then.”

Nina sets up up her classes every month and manages them from the Omnify Go mobile app. She even lists her workshops and takes prepayments for her workshops. This has ensured her maximum booking for her events.

“Automated emails, one- tap mobile check-in and excellent support from the Omnify Team is why I trust and rely on Omnify to look after my business for me.”

There is a myriad of other features that help people like Nina. The auto pay feature for recurring payments, the analytics section to monitor your sales and customer acquisition and excellent customer service make Omnify a standout product in its field.

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Discover how Joy of Yoga owner Nina manages her studio entirely from her mobile, using Omnify yoga management software.

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