How Rogue Fitness used Omnify’s Class Subscription feature to grow at a rate of 150% month on month.

Rogue Fitness is a boutique gym that’s been exponentially growing in revenue because of its unique business model. Their selling point is the fact that they provide classes in different fitness regimes which includes a mix of martial arts, yoga, spinning and outdoor activities. They sell the classes as packages. They also have a specialized trainer for every class so that customers can take maximum value out of the class.

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Antonio’s story:

From where he is, Antonio worked at a multi-chain gym outlet before starting up on his own. It was the monotony of workout programs that Antonio thought needed disruption. People would buy membership packs and would give up in a few months. If they needed a more personal approach, the trainers were expensive and so people would not want to get one. Seeking to make a change he started Rogue Fitness to disrupt this monotony. He decided to provide more flexibility to customers. He opened Rogue Fitness in 2010 and started selling these packages- weekly, monthly, and annually and gave the customers the option to choose any group class they wanted to attend.

The Challenge:

Due to the nature of his model, Antonio had to handle plenty of calls from the customers and he used to assign them manually. Since he wanted his customers to select their classes via credits, by selling subscriptions, he wanted flexibility where customers can book a class only 2 days in advance so as to avoid drop-outs. He also wanted to charge customers for a no show. Since it was getting impossible for him to manage everything offline, he needed a software that helped him map his subscriptions, classes, and customers for better management. He started looking for a software. Omnify, he found, was exactly what he needed.



The Solution:

“Omnify was the perfect fit. It had everything I was looking for. There’s no software in the market that does class package subscriptions better than Omnify. I was able to sell my class packages and set automation for classes to be available for booking only 2 days in advance. Also, they have a flexible cancellation policy which enabled me to control my drop-outs.”

“It’s brilliant, the kind of software they have made.”

With Omnify’s automation tools, Antonio doesn’t have to worry about scheduling. He has also designed the website that helps his customers schedule everything. His business is completely on auto-run.  Within 8 months of using Omnify, his customers grew from 60 to 800 with Month on Month growth rate of more than 150 %

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There are tons of other features that make Omnify one of the best for class subscription management. The auto-renew feature for recurring payments, the analytics tab that shows you data about your customers and sales, and Omnify Go app to view everything on the go are few of the many features that help to grow your business


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Discover how Rogue Fitness owner Antonio achieved growth of 150% Month on Month, using Omnify Gym management software.

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