How Amateur2Professional Football Academy is using Omnify to drive online bookings

Amateur2Professional is a bespoke sports coaching company based in West and North Midlands, United Kingdom. The A2P team strongly believes in a child-centered philosophy. It utilises modern methods to provide a unique football coaching experience.

Since its inception in 2016, A2P has seen a substantial rise in the number of players joining their academy. The number rising high enough to prompt a change from using spreadsheets to manage schedules, accounting entries and attendance logs to a cloud-based system, Omnify to automate their booking and scheduling flow.

Dan's story:

Dan Pearson, Founder and Head Coach of Amateur2Professional, lives and breathes the beautiful game. His motive of starting A2P was to spread his passion, develop footballing brains, inculcate discipline, help build confidence and most importantly to provide a pedestal for the budding superstars to jumpstart their careers.

His academy offers a variety of services ranging from one to one sessions, classes, tournaments, and organise birthday parties with a bunch of fun-filled challenges.

The challenge:

A few months after its initiation, A2P soon became a local favorite with an overwhelming number of signups from every nook and cranny of Midlands. The 4x month on month growth of customers meant that keeping tabs of data in spreadsheets and record books was no longer a viable solution.

Add to that, the numerous phone calls from the parents enquiring about real-time availability, payments and cross-checking their existing bookings, led to a recipe for oversight.

All these factors contributed to Dan Pearson looking for a platform that would handle his wide range of services and automate the tedious admin work.

The solution:

Using spreadsheets has become a thing of the past for Dan Pearson as with Omnify, he now has all his data centralised, automated his scheduling and bookings, tracks player attendance and ensuring that revenue is properly accounted for. With Omnify, he is able to focus on activities that are more critical to the ultimate success of his business like marketing and customer engagement.

“With Omnify’s online scheduling, I found a platform that effectively managed my one to one sessions, classes and events with such robust features in each category”

There are lots of value-add features that make Omnify one of the best solutions for a sports coaching business. Dan Pearson has experienced this first hand.

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See how UK-based football academy, Amateur2Professional, uses Omnify Sports Coaching & Club Management Software to handle operations & online bookings

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