How Piscine Lakeside Pool transformed bookings with Omnify 

Piscine Lakeside Pool is one of the seven outdoor community pools of the Lakeside Swimming Club, built as early as 1962 in the City of Pointe-Claire, Quebec. At the forefront of this club’s cultural values lies an intangible spirit of community. 

Piscine Lakeside Pool reservations simplified with Omnify

The club promotes values of ‘sportsmanship, athletic development, personal growth, friendly competition, and leadership’, through unique programs and services. In fact, to commemorate this essence of community service through a safe, fun, and active pool environment, Piscine celebrated its golden jubilee in 2012 with its 200 members and staff. 

To carry forward its rich legacy, this Canadian non-profit lakeside pool works throughout the season with the enthusiasm and energy of its volunteers and a variety of aquatic activities such as swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming!

Today, Piscine Lakeside Pool is 400 members strong and growing with purpose. As a part of their efforts to further enrich their members and nurture their community the pool administration decided to adopt a robust and intuitive system that could help them manage capacity judiciously at their pools. Beyond that, they wanted a system that could help them track their memberships effectively so no member would be left behind in using their amenities.

Piscine Lakeside Pool uses Omnify Pool Scheduling System for ease of bookings

For Piscine Lakeside, maintaining a strong community spirit was crucial, but manual scheduling and reservation processes were making it difficult to ensure equitable access at all times. This is when they began their search for a simple, yet scalable, online swimming pool reservation system and decided to choose Omnify. 

Pool Reservations Simplified

With the Omnify pool reservation system, Piscine Lakeside Pool members could reserve time slots for swimming on their own. The number of slots available could be viewed in real-time and the staff was able to manage how many times an individual member could reserve time during a set period. 

As Catherine remembers-

“With Omnify, now clients can have their own logins and create their own reservations. We no longer have to say - ‘oh you can't get in or you don't have swimming time!’”

Piscine Lakeside appreciated being able to upgrade their member experience with Omnify’s transparent and track-friendly system to manage pool scheduling for members.

“Omnify helped in managing our memberships a lot as people find it easier to manage their schedules by simply going online and checking the number of spots left. Secondly, with Omnify we can list out the different swim programs that we offer - children's swimming lessons, synchronized swimming, diving as well as aqua fitness or aqua zumba and lap swim.”
synchronized swimming, diving as well as aqua fitness offered a Piscine Lakeide pool

Offering so many diverse programs, a fluid booking experience was a must and Omnify gave them more control in managing reservations and improving the general experience around the pools. 

As Catherine adds-

“The biggest factor for us was really just being able to control the time slots.” 

A budget-friendly pool reservation system

Omnify offers a variety of economical plans that can be easily accommodated in any budget. For a robust booking and scheduling system with a comprehensive set of features that cater to small businesses and organizations across verticals, Omnify offers affordable plans that bring professional expertise to a lot more people.

According to Catherine-

“Each pool is slightly different, but Omnify is affordable and something within all our budget ranges!”
Piscine Lakeide pool offers kids swimming lessons

Customer first, every time

Beyond the platform and its features, Omnify has repeatedly surpassed its own records in the area of dependable customer support. 

“Omnify Customer Service is fantastic. If there’s a problem, they have been behind us 100 percent, and that’s the best part about it. It was easy and good support and support is the most important thing for both big and small businesses!”
Piscine Lakeide pool loved Omnify's excellent customer support

Technology that works for everyone

Technology can present a daunting experience to many and it’s often this hesitation that discourages organizations from adopting anything new. Omnify offers the ideal solution that is easy to understand and operate, even for those who have kept a safe distance from anything digital before!

Catherine is now comfortable using technology and leaving behind the manual processes of managing a community pool. On the usability of Omnify software, she says -

“You don’t have to be the most tech savvy person in the world to set it up and use it. It’s very simplistic in the way it is used yet fully functional and has everything you need to run a big business.”

Omnify has helped over a thousand pools optimize operations and deliver more to their members. From navigating through the testing COVID-19 pandemic to offering safe, quality experiences at their pool, facility managers have been able to work with greater efficiency using Omnify’s online swimming pool reservation system.

If you would like to improve the facility experience at your pool and trim your operations at the same time, find out how Omnify is the solution you are looking for!

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