How Old Lyme Country Club revamped Pool Scheduling with Omnify

Old Lyme Country Club uses Omnify Pool Scheduling

For a pool that is buzzing with activity, using software solutions is primary in improving member experience while eliminating unnecessary work hassle. For the management at Old Lyme Country Club (OLCC), the challenge was to create this smooth and enriched experience for their pool members. 

They wanted to set up a process that would help members sign up for each session without the pool admins having to micro-manage everything. The staff at OLCC were able to accomplish all this and more with Omnify. This is their story.

OLCC pool

Pool time at Old Lyme

Located in the scenic coastal town of Old Lyme, Connecticut - also known as the birthplace of American Impressionism - the picturesque property of Old Lyme Country Club is timeless and the best-known hilltop oasis. This town has a thriving art community which makes the place all the more welcoming. To add to the beauty of this mesmerizing shoreline and Lyme Street, the swimming pool at OLCC completes the scene as members can dive in for a splash or simply enjoy their summer with a straw hat on as they lounge by the poolside.

OLCC’s sparkling swimming pool has assorted activities for both adults and kids, a fenced toddler pool with extra safety, a heated pool, a pool terrace with uninterrupted wi-fi access, ideal for relaxation and entertainment. OLCC, in fact, has a brag-worthy swim team with over 25 swimmers from 6 to 16 years of age-group. The pools at OLCC open up right on Memorial Day weekend up to Labor Day in September. During this pool season, several activities are taken up, like adult-only lane swimming, water aerobics classes, private pool lessons, teen water polo, and much more. All of these are held under the supervision of the Pool Director and experienced lifeguard staff.

A smart system for swimming pool scheduling

Old Lyme Country Club pool time on a summer day

The swimming pool management OLCC was in quest of a technology solution that would make life easier for both the pool members and the operating staff. As Pool Director at OLCC, Cate Solari, mentions-

“I was in search of a system that allows all of my members to have their accounts and sign up for classes and see the whole schedule as I allow it. I wanted a system where all sign-ups could be managed from one link, whereas most of the programs I looked at only had the option to send daily links for sign-ups.”

Omnify helped them cut right to the chase and manage pool sessions without the effort it used to take them before.

In fact, OLCC was already using a software called SignUpGenius before switching over to Omnify. As Cate recalls-

“With SignUpGenius, I had to send a new sign-up link to members daily to coordinate with our classes. On the contrary, Omnify’s pool booking software enabled the pool users to have their accounts and access it from one address.”

Cate and her team discovered unmatched capabilities for pool scheduling and overall member management with Omnify. For them, switching to this software was a huge plus! 

OLCC Pool lifeguards in action while members enjoy swimming pool time

“Excellent site, easy to use, amazing customer service”

With Omnify, OLCC pools found an efficient system that not only fit the bill, but the feature of customizability that this pool scheduling software offered was something that stood out. In the words of Cate-

“I love being able to change the color and add my company logo to the site.” 

In a nutshell, Omnify met all their needs, delivering a user-friendly platform with dedicated customer support in a deal that gives absolute value for money.

“Excellent so far, amazing customer service, it does what I need it to do while being very affordable and easy to navigate the website,”

-Cate as she ended with a happy note.

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Read how Old Lyme Country Club switched over to Omnify pool booking software and transformed swimming pool management for a better experience minus the hassle.

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