How Zoom Swim School is using the Omnify Service Store to convert 3X more customers online!

Zoom Swim is a swim school based out Singapore that follows the SwimAmerica teaching curriculum to teach young children through adults of all abilities, teaching swimmers the right way at the start, developing a proper and strong foundation for natural progression into competitive swimming.

Their story:

Zoom Swim has been following a safety first and a goal-oriented approach to their teaching practices since their inception. Through experience, they have crafted packages and lessons that help students become proficient swimmers for life.

The swimmers are also recognized based on the goals that are achieved on each level of their skill mastery.

The challenge:

The main challenge for Zoom Swim was to bring their well-defined swimming packages and private lessons online and making them available for their customers. The school realized that their customers were active online and were looking for a platform that they could use to leverage this.

Some of the other key features they were looking for were to be able to collect payments online, book and confirm schedule, churn reports, and link from our main website seamlessly, at a reasonable budget. On top of that, we want something that looks clean and sleek on both front and back-ends.

This is when Rossini, from Zoom Swim, stumbled across Omnify.

The solution:

Zoom Swim has been using Omnify since the start of the business. With Omnify, they were able to bring their classes, packages, events and memberships online.

The convenient booking flow that the Omnify service store offers has also helped with a steady increase in the volume of online bookings by 3X. The Omnify Go helps the trainers/admin staff view/reschedule or cancel bookings without the need to urgently look for a computer.

The automated emails feature helps the school to keep the communication with clients timely. They no longer have to spend extra time confirming classes beforehand and are able to focus on the real deal - quality coaching!

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Discover how Zoom Swim, a swim school based out of Singapore is using Omnify swim school software to manage operations and grow online bookings.

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