As the year 2022 ends, it’s time again to retrospect all that was dreamt of, worked upon, and successfully accomplished.

This year had it’s own highlights of the best measured and treasured moments. But, our journey was not without challenges- big and small. And, we are here with some incredible learnings on how to create, solve and build better for our customers.

We are happy to share that our year ends on a high note. And having our customers with us, it seems like we have made it, together!

As the spirit within Omnify is again set for another action-packed year, let’s look back to the moments we had.

This is how we relive …

🚀 This year, we've shipped some epic features, so you could create the best experience for our clients. Here are a few highlights:

  • Enhanced User Experience : We launched All New Services with a new user interface and advanced functionalities, and our customers love it. We also released Omnify GO, our mobile app, which allows users to get a lot done on the go.
  • Powering Commerce : We launched a newer, improved PayPal payment experience at the beginning of the year. We also added FPX integration in Malaysia.
  • Other Features : We added support for multiple Zoom account connections and a faster way to access your Omnify account with Google Login and a magic link .

💚 Here is a reflection of your experience with us and we are so delighted to share a few with you!

"I must say, with Omnify, starting from the set-up to the entire journey until now has been super smooth and efficient!"
"I'm so thankful for Omnify. My appointments have become more organized and the payment process is so smooth."
"As a new business owner, Omnify came to the rescue by helping me easily manage my music classes and bookings."

As we head over to 2023, we know that there are so many goals, resolutions and ambitions that you have set for your business. Our mission to support you with the best software experience that can anticipate your every need, continues. 💫

We are genuinely grateful to you for choosing Omnify. We look forward to serving you in the future! 💞

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