How Turnilla Yoga Reimagined Yoga Studio Management with Omnify

There are only a few people in the world who actually follow their passion to make a lifestyle out of it. Adam Turner is one of them. He is the founder, manager, director, and principal yoga teacher of the Turnilla Yoga studio, located in the heart of Estepona, Spain.

Adam Turner of Turnilla Yoga

Adam’s yoga journey started about 15 years ago when he had a different lifestyle and worked on a boat, traveling around the world. His job did not give him enough space to exercise or stay active, so for Adam, yoga would be the best way to keep himself fit. This was when he became so passionate about yoga that he decided to take this path as a way of living and livelihood. In a quite dramatic move, Adam relocated from the UK to this beautiful southern coast of Spain to create a space that was completely dedicated to ‘yoga, positive energy and a love for all things that enhances well being.’

Having himself reaped the benefits of practicing Yoga, Adam wanted to share its goodness and knowledge with others as well. He wanted to build a community of yoga lovers.

Adam Turner of Turnilla Yoga teaching yoga to a class of students

After taking private classes for a few years and building a good client base in that course of time, Adam was all set to start his own studio. His wife, Sonia Solanillo was also a contributor to this journey. They finally inaugurated Turnilla Yoga in January 2019. Sonia, as the studio nutritionist, takes care of the ‘nutritional’ aspect of healthy living. Together they make a great team!

We, at Omnify, spoke to Adam Turner about his journey, his beliefs, and his mission- the challenges that he had while venturing his dream and how he overcame them.

Living by Example

The mission and vision of Turnilla Yoga is indeed a translation of what Adam believes in. For him, yoga should have a place in everyone’s lives and it is more of the discipline, spiritual growth, emotional and mental wellbeing, and lifestyle than some mere breathing exercises or meditation.

According to Adam- 

“Yoga is really a lifestyle that encompasses everything. How you think, how you treat others, and most importantly, how you treat yourself!”
Students attending a class at Turnilla Yoga Studio in Spain

This was the essential philosophy in building a community and sharing that space and energy. Because of his sanguine demeanor, today Turnilla Yoga has about a hundred clients who practice some form of yoga regularly and about 500 who sporadically visit, or come to their retreat during a holiday in Spain! Adam has gradually built a bigger team now with better services, with a few teachers that specialize in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and Wim Hof techniques, and also an in-house therapist for osteopathy, massage, and acupuncture. Adam himself specializes in a very progressive style of hatha yoga that benefits all ranges of abilities- from people with limited mobility to even physically demanding athletes. His favorite though is Rocket Yoga- a more modernized version of Ashtanga style, to make it more accessible to a wider audience.

Offering Accessibility with Technology

Turnilla Yoga uses Omnify Yoga Studio Software to manage its classes and schedules

With the growing popularity of Turnilla Yoga over the years, the operational management of the studio has also gradually evolved. When Adam had just started off, everything was managed on an excel sheet, from scheduling to payments, copy-pasting detailed contacts, etc. This process was naturally very cumbersome.

A fine technology platform should come with the goodness of easy adaptability, ease of use, and be cost-effective. Omnify has all three and more.

As Adam recalls-

“One of the primary reasons to choose Omnify was the price. I do remember clearly that pricing was something that attracted me to the platform, to begin with. Later the fact that everything was quite all-encompassing, the functionalities - the payment system, the customizable service store, everything was really helpful. It took away a lot of the headache.”

He obviously took a fairly decisive step to make his studio look more professional to the world.

In his words-

“Omnify yoga studio management software revolutionized the way that I manage the studio, how I interact with clients, and collect payments.”

Adding to the benefits of the platform, there were a couple of things that helped Adam streamline smoother operations and drastically reduce the workload at Turnilla Yoga Studio. 

This is how Adam put it-

“The fact that I can receive payments without me having to be there, is great. I don’t need to remember or record when people’s packages start, how many classes are left, the fact that accessing all this information is so easy and definitely a big improvement to using a spreadsheet.”
A full class at Turnilla Yoga Studio

In terms of user experience, Omnify’s check-in features, auto-emails, and reminders are a few of the aspects that intrigued Turnilla Yoga and made their day-to-day operations a smooth sail. 

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As Adam specifically mentioned-

“The ability to check people in, manage the number of people in each class, send auto-email reminders, announcements on upcoming workshops and the widgets on my website is quite a clean process and laid out very clearly on the service store.”

Going Unstoppable with Zoom Integration

One very important feature of Omnify that Turnilla Yoga used and absolutely loved was Zoom integration. They mostly have in-studio classes but did keep the option of online teaching open in the past. They held regular classes with Omnify’s Zoom Integration and were extremely thrilled with the experience.

As Adam reflects-

“I have done a lot of zoom classes using this integration with Omnify. To schedule these classes through this integration was pretty cool, so I took the opportunity!”

Customer Service that stands out

Turnilla Yoga happy with Omnify customer support

Whenever Turnilla Yoga needed guidance to optimize the use of Omnify Yoga studio management software, the customer support team was always available for round-the-clock assistance. Adam has been especially satisfied with the prompt and responsive interactions every time there was a need to resolve any issue.

In Adam’s words-

“Omnify Customer support is very receptive to feedback. From the time of getting the set-up done to being open to ideas, welcoming and inviting positive feedback, resolving technical issues, or taking in suggested improvements as we as users would like to see in the system; I like how Omnify guys have been responding. In fact, one reason for choosing Omnify over big fish like Mindbody was that you’ll probably generally get better customer service.”

“Omnify feels personal”

Turnilla Yoga has been using Omnify for three years now since its inception. When we spoke to Adam he really had some beautiful words to sum up his Omnify experience.

“It feels personal now, I’ve got a bit of connection with the person that manages my account. We have adapted very well. I would definitely recommend Omnify to other studio owners or people in similar positions as me, that want a slick and efficient management system!”

Omnify’s yoga studio management software has helped thousands of teachers, trainers, and educational institutions save time on day-to-day tasks and focus their energy on improving their classes and customer experience. Learn more about how Omnify can help your team and sign up to transform your organization today!

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