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Varun Baliga

30 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your ROI

How the right Facebook marketing strategy can accelerate your growth

If you're just getting started with your business, it's very likely that you have a vast potential target audience in place, but not the budget to reach them all. Don't worry. You are not alone. 

Most small business owners feel lost because of the host of strategies available to them to market their business and build their brand - Facebook ad marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Google AdWords and business listing, and Instagram promotions, among others. Now, the platforms you need to choose for your business will firstly depend on where you may find the biggest chunk of your target audience.

Facebook, with its behemoth monthly active user base of 2.85 billion, stands out from the rest. With such an enormous audience base on a single platform, your ads manager can collect warm leads very quickly through Facebook alone! 

This blog will help you identify effective Facebook Marketing strategies specific to your industry, raise brand awareness, and consolidate your Facebook audience.

We will then take a closer look at some of the more powerful Facebook ads strategies and paid marketing ideas that will deliver consistently high returns in terms of lead generation for your business.

Eager to explore the world of Facebook marketing? Let's get started!

Facebook ads strategies for niche industries

  1. Fitness and Wellness Studios
  2. Sports Coaching
  3. Hospitality
  4. Member Clubs
  5. Classes and Camps

While exploring and experimenting with social engagement on Facebook you may notice how certain strategies look great on paper, but don’t work so well when you try them. The fact is, while Facebook marketing gives you room to try new things, there are some strategies that are guaranteed to add value within your industry. We have carefully curated the most effective strategies for each industry to help you optimize your Facebook marketing efforts. 

Are you ready to check them out? Let’s dive in!

1. Fitness and Wellness Studios

Where fitness and wellness Facebook pages are concerned, the trends fly thick and fast given the sheer number of people looking to maintain or improve their fitness.

Identify your USP

As a studio owner, you will have to first identify your unique selling proposition. You could be running a number of fitness or wellness studios in your area or you could be the best in your practice. The best way you can highlight your unique selling proposition on your Facebook page, as well as the ads you plan to produce would be through a strongly visual medium.

Create visual fitness and wellness content

Post GIFs and videos that instantly attract a fitness audience to your business page and also convey what your studio is all about. This way, even if a user doesn't click through, you will still brighten up their news feed and leave a positive impression on your business!

Create a lookalike audience

While ads like these will help you reach a wider audience, your efforts may not pay off as you'd like if you're not targeting the right audience. So, how do you go about this? It's simple. You start with the audience you already have and build from there! 

Create a Facebook Lookalike audience for your business page by feeding your existing list of customers or your mailing list and set the location of your choice. Next thing you know, your ads will be more visible to a wider audience that is comfortingly similar to your existing base.

Target niche audiences

As a fitness or wellness studio, you may be offering a variety of services to your customers. With each of these offering its own unique benefits, it is only natural that your customer base would be split into groups with their own unique interests and behavior.

Take a deeper look at your Facebook insights to see what kind of users currently engage with your page and sign up for your various services. You can even look at your competitors and their followers for any valuable insights that you can use as you build these personas.

Use Facebook Pixel

Another great way to re-target your audience more effectively is by integrating Facebook Pixel on your website. This simple piece of code reads user behavior once they visit your website. 

You will know how many of your users just browsed through your website and how many of them made a purchase. You will know who purchased a certain service and these insights can then be used to fine-tune your Facebook advertising strategy.

2. Sports Coaching

As it is with fitness and wellness, Sports Coaching will find you a rich and varied audience on Facebook. With athletes and active sports persons constantly looking to improve themselves, Facebook provides a great platform to reach your audience effectively.

But before you do so, you need to be aware of a few Facebook marketing tips for sports coaching that will bring the right audience to your profile and help you optimize your conversions for the best ROI.

Clarify your objectives

Your ad strategy needs to begin by first being sure of what you wish to gain from your campaign. As a sports coach, you may want people to know more about your services initially or you may be looking for rapid injection of revenue to support your growth.

Your objective will play a crucial role in deciding how you budget your campaign and the kind of audience you would need to target to get the best results possible.

Optimize visual communication

More often than not in the world of sports and fitness, seeing is believing. As much as training is a constant process and one must not always go by what you see, showing what you have to offer is bound to get you the best results in your campaigns.

You could create display carouses with attractive images or short, yet powerful videos that highlight impact, maybe using some of your best students or coaches as they train or perform. You will be capturing the imagination of your audience and showing them exactly where they could be once they sign up for your classes.

Analyze user interests

Advertising for Sports Coaching on Facebook would mean creating ads under the category of "Coach (sport)". This is a section with an immense audience, considering the sheer number and variety of sports coaching services offered around the world and the number of people who wish to sign up for these.

Given this vast diversity, it becomes essential to sift through these profiles, their behavior and interests in detail before setting up your campaign. Look at the ideal age profiles that would be attracted to your services, the sports and activities that interest them, and what they're currently doing at work to narrow down your audience. Doing so will let you generate maximum conversions and help you kick on and collect higher revenue in the long run.

Keep it relatable

As a sports coach, your job is all about getting people to where they want to be. But in doing so, you must never forget where they are now. Considering your ads may be catering to a wide range of individuals with unique goals and aspirations, you need to create something that appeals to everyone.

Avoid setting lofty goals or expectations in your ad. A better way to go about marketing your services would be to appeal strongly to the underlying emotions that drive people to sign up for your coaching classes - like the desire to improve their performance or learn more about the sport they love.

Restrict by Country/Region

As universal as sports may be, your coaching programs would be best served by attracting people who are closer to you. While online programs today have made sports coaching more accessible to a lot more people, it still helps to be able to meet your students in person every now and then.

Restricting your audience to your geographic region will bring you a more relevant crowd and help you deliver your programs more effectively. This would allow you to also frame a variety of offline and hybrid coaching programs that would appeal to people closer to you as well as people living around you who may be travelling every now and then.

3. Hospitality

With a global audience at your disposal, if you haven't been marketing your hotel, resort, or RV Park effectively on Facebook, then you have been missing a great opportunity to expand your business rapidly.

Facebook marketing for hotels and other properties will allow you to not only reach more people around the world, but enhance your brand value and recognition in the long run - not to mention the burst in revenue from successful campaigns. To make the most of your marketing on Facebook, however, you will need to get a few things right before you begin. Let's take a look!

Dig into demographic data

Compared to any other social media platform today, Facebook devotes a significant portion of its time and resources towards sorting and managing user data. Today, it presents itself as a treasure trove to any organization looking to advertise on the platform.

This is especially applicable where the hospitality industry is concerned, with few or no limits on geography making this an opportunity that must be utilized to its fullest! If you're marketing a specific event, place limits either by geography or by interests. If you market yourself as a particularly romantic destination, you could create campaigns specifically for newly married couples with a honeymoon package. The ideas and subsequently the provisions to target specific groups on Facebook are endless!

Seeing is believing

This may look like a recurring theme at this point, but that only goes to show the immense power of visual media today!

Today, Facebook supports innovative ways of highlighting your best features as a hotel. Aside from the carousels and quick and attractive video tours, you can also give your audience a complete 360 degree view of the place with Facebook 360.

Facebook's 360 feature equips you with 360 degree video capability that would make your audience feel like they're at the property already and honestly, can there be a better way to market your property?

Promote guest stories

As a hotel, you may be able to impress audiences with fantastic views and the promise of a memorable experience. However, the best way to draw more people to your hotel would be through experiences recollected by people just like your audience!

Guest testimonials and other user-generated content are rich in their authenticity and present your property in an honest and transparent matter. They are instantly trustworthy and will tempt more users to give your hotel a shot.

You could even work with a relevant influencer in your region or invite them for a stay. Users tend to trust travel influencers for their research and efforts in picking out the best places to stay and a word or a picture from them could convince a lot more users to visit your property.

Retarget your audience

If you have spent a few years on Facebook already, by now you would have amassed a rich store of audience data. You would also have a huge collection of old guests in your mailing list. This data itself is a great source for you to find fresh business when you need it.

Target your old guests and Facebook followers again - you never know who might be looking for a quick break from work or planning a vacation already. Your ad targeting your existing audience could be just the push someone needs to tip their booking in your favor!

Harness dynamic ads

Using dynamic ads for travel as a part of your Facebook marketing strategy for hotels can attract more accurate leads on the whole. This is because you would be targeting those users who are already searching for their next destination.

An ad from your property at this point would help you present yourself as the best possible option to this audience. These searches can also be narrowed based on factors like proximity and ratings, allowing you to show up in exactly the right timelines, increasing your chance of conversions.

4. Member Clubs

Facebook marketing for private clubs could lead to a significant increase in memberships if done right. With a rich store of user data at your disposal, a coordinated campaign can help you get more members in and maintain a healthy recurring revenue over time.

Here is what you can do as a private club to optimize paid Facebook marketing campaigns and generate exceptional returns on your investment.

Know your target audience

Before you create Facebook marketing ads for your member club, you need to be sure of the audience you wish to attract to your club. Private clubs often cater to a limited crowd and members feel more comfortable when the rest of the club has more in common with them for the feeling of exclusivity. Go through your member base and their interests and behavior before you create ads.

Create lookalike audiences

Your ad campaign will be best served by narrowing down your target audience using Facebook and its Lookalike Audience feature. While your existing member base is a great starting point for you, a lookalike audience will help you streamline your Facebook marketing by matching your uploaded list of contacts and members to the platform's user base.

This will give you an audience that is closest to your existing base of members and help you run successful advertising campaigns on the platform.

Leverage your benefits

As a private club, your followers and potential members will be eager to know more about the kind of benefits you offer at your establishment. Facebook ads present a great opportunity for you to advertise all that you have to offer to your target users on their news feed.

If you have segmented your target users already, then look closer at which benefits would appeal more to each group and highlight the same through different campaigns. This way, you will still retain your USP while also attracting a wider base of users to your profile or your website.

Discount campaigns

If you need immediate member acquisition to grow your revenue, running a membership campaign with discounts could instantly attract more people to sign up with you. You could offer new members an initial free period of one or two months on signing up for a monthly membership or set a discount for annual sign-ups.

You could also run ads for your existing members to renew at a lower price early on as well as target former members to encourage them to sign again at a lower fee. Given the wide base of users at your disposal, adopting this strategy should help you drive revenue significantly over time.

Highlight member delight

In the case of private clubs or member clubs, it may be hard for anyone looking on from the outside to know exactly what they stand to gain from your membership. This is where you can talk to your members to share their experience at your club.

Authentic member testimonials will give your target users an honest and clear inside picture of what they can expect to find once they sign up with your club, so they are more likely to tempt them to sign up as opposed to a direct pitch from you.

5. Classes and Camps

If you're running a private class or a summer camp, then your marketing strategy absolutely needs to include Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. Of the three, however, Facebook represents the platform where you can maximize your lead generation with a wide variety of demographics at your disposal.

Craft your student persona

Before you begin running Facebook ads for your private classes or summer camp, it is essential for you to know who you are targeting. Get your Facebook marketing strategy started on the right note by first setting up your user persona.

Your classes or camp may be specific to people with certain tastes or interests and unless you go deeper into mapping out their behavior, you may end up attracting a wider audience and fewer leads of real value.

Target the right locations

Whether you are running your classes online or offline, or even a mix of both, it would be ideal for you to look for an audience that is closer to you geographically.

By targeting people closer to you, you also ensure you are connecting with students who can relate more easily to what you have on offer. This is especially beneficial in the case of summer camps, where children will be able to interact with each other more easily in an offline or hybrid environment, which is why people closer to you would be more likely to sign up with you.

Explore target Interests and Behavior

It is very likely that your classes would be designed keeping a certain group of individuals in mind - possibly with specific interests or behaviors. For example, if you're going to be running a Facebook ad campaign to market your creative writing classes, then apart from setting interests on reading and writing, you can also go deeper and target users who read non-fiction or have previously explored writing classes.

This will attract a far more relevant subcategory within your broader target group and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Advertise sample classes

For anyone looking to attend a class or a camp, the overall experience you deliver strongly influences their impression of your services. Finding a way to leverage this in your ad campaigns could turn more than a few heads in your direction!

One way to highlight the experience you offer would be by recording your classroom experience. You could create a short sample class that introduces one of your more popular courses and tempt users to sign up for the full course. For camps, offering a 360 view would be a great way to instantly inform users of the experience they can expect once they sign up for your camp. Feel free to experiment based on the experience that you know you can offer best and you could drive your conversions significantly over time.

Offer free tours or classes

Another great way to help your audience get a taste of your class experience before signing up would be  by offering a free tour of your class or your camp. You could offer this through a live session virtually on a specific day and generate interest. This would work well if your audience is spread out over a wider geographic range.

If your audience is mostly to be found in and around your locality, then offering an in-person tour or a free class at a time convenient to them would be a great way to get people to come in and check out your facilities. You could even offer a spot sign up at a lower rate and boost your conversions!

Facebook marketing strategies to optimize your ROI

1. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a great way to improve your client base and conversion rate at low risk. When you partner with affiliates, you acquire warm leads and only pay for the conversion (and not the lead itself). As a result, your risks stay low, and your opportunities flourish.

You can use affiliate marketing tools like RedTrack and First Promoter to monitor the progress of your affiliates on Facebook. 

2. Collaborating with Micro-Influencers 

Brands that made use of influencer marketing in the early 2010s saw dramatically profitable returns on their investments. 

However, partnering with big influencers does not have the same impact anymore; micro-influencers are here to stay—influencers with a small but loyal following. They charge much lower than big influencers, and thanks to their followers, you enjoy higher chances of conversion!

3. Organic Reach Using FB Live Sessions and More 

Facebook is notorious for inhibiting organic growth and favoring paid promotions. However, that does not mean there is no way to grow organically on Facebook for businesses

Facebook allows users to host live shows on its platforms. Now, since not many people use FB live, the company is pushing out more content and offering organic growth to those who use it.

Promoting your business and services on industry-relevant Facebook groups is an intelligent way to rope in warm leads and grow organically. 

4. Organizing Events 

Most social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are relatively limited in their capabilities. On the other hand, Facebook is massive and has several features that you do not see on other applications—Facebook Events, for example.

With Facebook Events, you can schedule contests, giveaways, and other meetups at your business and promote them extensively among your circles and audiences. Organizing regular events with Facebook will give your business a lot of publicity and even get people to walk in and join you!

5. Explore third-party marketing tools

While Facebook has its own marketing tools that can strengthen your campaigns, you will also find plenty of powerful third-party tools today that can bring that added impetus to your strategy.

Tools like Sendinblue, WASK, and ShortStack are designed to help you build smart, attractive, and engaging campaigns with beautifully designed posts, polls, contests, and more!

Tools like Buffer and SocialOomph will help you clean up your Facebook campaigns and attract more quality leads over time, while MobileMonkey will help you harness the power of Facebook Messenger to make your business page more interactive for users.


Marketing on Facebook can get tricky if you don't have a strategy to set your plans in motion. Fortunately, now you do. So get your Facebook business page up today and use these tips to get a headstart!

If you're looking to grow your business rapidly, Facebook marketing may be essential to your strategy, but more importantly, you will need to optimize your workflow and make room for new customers with smart and flexible solutions. Find out how simple technology can help guide your business to new highs on our website and get your business growing today!


Pick up on the most effective Facebook Marketing strategies designed to consolidate your target audience and maximize ad conversions for your business.

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