Easy Marketing Tricks to Attract New Visitors to your Pools

Pool season is coming around, and it’s time to put your facility on the map. This year, your marketing strategy has to be slightly different and perhaps even a bit better. The motivation for better marketing can also come from other reasons like retaining old members, creating a powerful public image, enhancing brand awareness, attracting sponsors, and much more.

But before you jump into solving this problem, you need to take care of a few steps ahead of marketing it well. 

Before You Market The Service. ‍

Who Is Your Audience? 

The first rule of selling any service is finding out who your audience or target consumer is. For example, if you are selling your club based on its location or limited membership, who are the people who will care for this feature? 

This demographic fragments further into the club, gender, age-group, income-group, and much more. Some users also look for specific demands from a club like automated pool scheduling software, clean changing rooms, cleaning schedule, etc. 

What Sets Your Pool Facility Apart?

‍Once you know you have an audience, what are the few determinants that set you apart from the other swimming club? Try and make a list of these points. These factors also called your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), would further help sell your uniqueness. 

These USPs could include proximity, cost, use of technology like a pool scheduling system, the club’s exclusivity , the perks to the visitors, membership benefits, and much more. The further attractive the USP, the more marketable your swim club becomes.

Marketing The Club 

Once you have all this information, it is easier to sell your swim club; to the right people. Here are a few ways to market your swimming club: ‍

Keep it Professional 

Putting on a friendly face helps draw more people to your doorstep, but it’s essential to know where you hold the line. Keeping all your communication professionals with the end-users helps to create a better brand image for a members-only swimming club.  

This process also helps create consistent messaging across all channels. Your swim club should sound the same be it on social media, email newsletters, or your website. The same is true for your logos, colors, designs, and much more.

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Share Stories

Making service premium or servicing only a section of the market will help draw better eyeballs for your club. This approach will also make it easier to ask your existing swimming club members to talk about your club on online channels or write reviews.

You can collect testimonials on platforms like Google Map-reviews or your club’s website. Ask members to highlight aspects of your pool that are brag-worthy. For example, if you use an intuitive pool scheduling software that reduces the clutter at the club-- ask visitors to highlight such pointers on their testimonials.‍

Promote Your Pool's Selling Point ‍

Once you know what sets you apart, your swimming club should share this information with the world. Take a few minutes to study the other pools and clubs in your physical area and highlight what makes you truly unique and sellable.

If your club is the only one in the area that uses capacity management for swimming pools, then you must promote this uniqueness. You can run many digital and offline campaigns to promote this aspect. It can be in the form of videos with club members, ads, flyers, and posters, etc.

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Incentivize Word Of Mouth 

They say there is nothing better than word-of-mouth marketing -- because we often believe the opinions of those we trust. What if there was a way to get more people to talk about your club?

This can be done by incentivizing WOM. Byways of reference codes online or a discount to those who bring in more users, your club can generate quality leads from its existing network.

Content Creation

All tips and tricks boil down to this one factor -- quality content. These can be in the form of blogs for SEO or creatives and posters for social media. Content will help direct eyeballs to your brand and add credibility to your club. 

They can be informative or entertaining. Whichever route of content creations you take, it must be perfectly designed for your target audience.

The content can be about anything -- your club's culture, the pool scheduling system used to promote safety, the perks of the club members, and much more. The first thought to any problem in this digital age is to "google-it." And when they do, you must show up right on top. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of tweaking your online presence to rank higher on search results. Not only that but optimizing your SEO also helps establish a substantial online presence. You can easily manage and update your meta-title and description using a Pool Scheduling System like Omnify.

In layperson’s terms -- when a user looks for clubs in their area, your website should show up on the top of this search. Once you have their attention, you can sell them other quality features like pool reservation software, management schedule, name of past members, etc., to seal the deal.

This impression happens from appropriate content creations and website optimizations.

Final thoughts

Despite all your marketing efforts, your primary focus must remain to provide  a top-notch pool facility. Having systems in place, safety measures, and guidelines help to create a service worth selling.

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