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Sukanya Kakoty
Reopen gyms and studios safely with Omnify

How to open Gyms safely with Omnify

The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 led to the early shutting down of gyms and fitness centers bringing a pause in the lives of around 72 million consumers across the United States. Gyms and studios are a crucial part of everyday life for many who either want to lose some weight, build a stud body or find ways to practice perseverance and dedication. Many have found ways to use digital help and build home-gyms and others that prefer a walk in the park were interrupted by the ‘Stay at Home’ orders! 

However, with the easing of lockdowns and with the White House’s three-phase reopening plan, gyms, fitness studios and health clubs (under personal and social activities) are among the first places to resume but of course with strict Covid-19 prevention and preparedness plans.

To raise the safety and hygiene standards, gym owners will be following the ground-rules to manage capacity, schedule single slots for members of the same healthy household while functioning to ensure social distancing and excel in the routine disinfection processes as gyms are high-touch facilities through online reservation systems.

To that very effect, online scheduling platform Omnify becomes conducive to the pressing demands of time and finds satisfactory solutions. With Omnify, gym and studio owners can set up a reasonable and user-friendly system administrator to systematize and control all aspects of registration, bookings and scheduling and most of all assure the smart running of gyms to deliver peace of mind to owners and end-users!

Omnify features include:

  • Setting up blocks of ‘gym time’ to manage crowds.
  • Capping of the number of attendees for particular blocks of time.
  • Pre-bookings and Membership Access Management for gym members.
  • Provides a platform to the gym-owners to upload ‘liability waivers’ and ‘terms of service’ which members need to agree to before reserving time at the gym.
  • ‘Check-ins’ feature to help track detailed reports of attendance and occupancy.
  • Creating buffer time between slots for disinfecting between visits and entry and exit of different batches.
  • Seamless integration with the existing websites of gyms and fitness studios.
  • Frequent software updates for a needful and dynamic experience.

In the present scenario, Omnify is the best technology solution to create the safest health and wellness experience for communities. Its user-friendly interface improves the experience for both administrator and the end user, with a perfect blend of diverse features, attractive pricing and friendly customer support. 

The users shall get control over their business through Omnify with hassle-free support and safe workout this summer! 

We understand that workout is important for physical and mental wellbeing. Omnify is devoted to bringing normalcy back and a safe workout experience for all..!! We have your back!

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The risk of COVID-19 may be reducing, but safety still needs to be prioritized! Here’s how you can make working out at the gym safe this year.

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