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Maximizing Cooking Class Sales: The Power of Discounts

how do you promote a cooking class? Detailed answer for that question

The only language that anyone in the world could understand is 'food,' and cooking food counts for the long-term health of our society. For a passionate cook, heartbeats are measured in sizzles, smells, and wonderful moments wafting in the air. When you’re this passionate about cooking, it’s time to start welcoming people into your culinary heaven by starting to teach them your cooking classes.

Starting and setting up a business is like making Fugu; you need a whole lot of passion to get it done right. The cooking industry is always a big hit globally with innovative classes and shows. They contribute to the market of $255.54 million in 2022, estimated to reach $485.83 million by 2028. You put in your heart and soul to make your mark in such a competitive industry. There are no hacks but strategies to shine in this aromatic arena. One such strategy is offering discounts! 

I mean, who doesn't love a sale, right? Season your cooking school with exciting discounts and improve client engagement at different stages of your business. This blog lets you have a peek at why discounts are essential to your cooking school business and how you can effectively leverage discounts for your business. 

So, roll up your sleeves and tie up your apron, Let’s dig in!

Why Discounts Are Necessary For Your Cooking School? 

cooking skills classes needs promotion to help increase sales and visibility

We know that discounts are essential to crank up the sales and revenue of your business. But we need to have a deeper understanding of why it is essential and what difference they bring into your business. Discounts are necessary because they help to 

  1. Attract A Wider Range Of Audience
  2. Promote New Launches 
  3. Upsell Your Products and Services
  4. Increase Revenue 

Let’s move ahead to understand the concept of discount marketing even more briefly. 

1. Attract A Wider Range Of Audience

offers attracts more customers to your cooking school business

Offering discounts is nothing but tapping into basic human psychology. When you hear about a good sale that is going on with your favorite product, you’ll be obviously tempted to buy it, whether you need it or not. 

Successful marketing campaigns often strike a chord with customers' emotions. When your product resonates with their feelings, it forms a lasting connection. This brings me to my point that discounts serve as a connecting bridge between your customers and business, which evokes a positive emotion about your service. They also make people feel happy and valued. 

Let me put it this way: Would you believe that about 73% of people were interested in signing up with their emails if they were given discount coupons? Discounts are that much more glamorous to the human eye, and they have the potential to generate quality leads that help expand your business.

So, if you design an attractive discount plan for your services, it stirs the pot for you. These continue to work as a chain of action, inviting more referral customers to your business.  

2. Promoting New Launches 

Offering introductory promotions cuts corners for you; statistics show that 54% of customers' buying plans are influenced by discounts while making a purchase. So make use of seasons, cook up some new classes, and throw in some limited-time introductory offers.

As Christmas is approaching, you might’ve considered launching new classes. To sell your cooking classes like hotcakes, all you need to do is strategically announce a limited-time enrollment offer. This entices your clients and turns your classes into the hottest holiday recipe in town!

3. Upsell Your Products and Services

Let’s say your client has been participating in varied cooking courses for an extended period of time. There is a possibility of turning them into long-term member. To make this happen, you should first understand their preferences. For example, if your client may be interested in your cake baking class, you can bundle up a pie baking class together as a value pack. 

You can also consider doing the following:  Make a subscription package that gives access to two different courses, entry to special events, and gift certificates. Bundling up these services at an offered price increases the opportunity for long-term client engagement with your business. 

Introducing your clients to such offers creates a perception of increased value, which, in turn, increases the sales value of your business. For your clients to actively upgrade their purchase, you should understand their specific preferences and put together a value offer pack. This is one of the best ways to whip your clientele into a good shape. 

4. Increased Revenue

You may think that discounts are creating slight cuts in your overall revenue. But if you really think about it, it’s an investment to attract new clients to your business. This minimal revenue loss has much potential to bring in clients who could increase your revenue manifold. Lowered prices not only increase your short-term sales volume, it helps in increased client retention too. When your clients get to taste your services, they’re more likely to enroll in some other new classes, too. Like I said before, it is all about psychology. Offering discounts also implants the feeling of being valued.

When I talk about increased revenue, it simply doesn’t mean in terms of money. It’s all about increasing the holistic brand value of your business. To make sure that you increase your brand value along with your revenue inflow, ensure that you always provide good quality content in your cooking classes. 

In a nutshell, offering good quality service at slashed prices creates an unbeatable combo that makes you stand out from your competitors. 

Tips To Create Effective Discounts 

Creating effective discounts requires a focused and empathetically thought-through approach. It's not about any random discount plans; rather, it's about understanding the specific needs of your target audience. Take the time to quantify your efforts by understanding the needs and buying behaviors of your clients before crafting a discount marketing plan. Here are a few tips that we believe will assist you in this process:

  1. Strategically Timed Discounts 
  2. Provide Gift Certificates
  3. Leverage Social Media And Marketing
  4. Bundle Deals 
  5. Reward Loyal Clients 
  6. Build A Dedicated Landing Page

Let’s go into more detail, 

1. Strategically Timed Discounts 

Timing is very important when we talk about discounts. You got to catch your customers in the right mood when it comes to launching discounts. To ensure your discount plan hits the mark, make sure to hook on to special days and occasions. Seasonal festivals also help you to put out some creative classes and offers. 

For instance, consider Valentine’s Day - you can organize a couple’s cooking class at a discounted price. This not only adds a touch of romance for your clients but also helps your business sell two spots within one booking. When you tend to give unique class experiences without burning holes in their pockets, you naturally draw in more clients to your business.

2. Provide Gift Certificates

One other slick move to sell your cooking classes is by wrapping them as gift certificates! These certificates, unlike conventional materialistic gifts, turn into a memorable experience for your clients.

For businesses, these gift cards opens the door to cross-selling! Here I am quoting human psychology again!  61% of US consumers tend to spend more than the gift card value. This is because as someone else is spending on those cards, people who use them don't mind spending a little bit from their own pockets. 

Consider this-You can reward a special discount code for their birthday or grant them a pass to any special event that is organized. You can think of millions of options to reward your loyal clients. It is very important that you make your clients feel valued and special to encourage them to actively engage with your business even more.

Also, even if these gift cards go unused, they bring in profit to your business either way!  

3. Leverage Social Media And Marketing

Strategizing a killer discount plan is just one-half of the path. You should get people to talk about it, right? This is where social media comes to your assistance. It is found that people, on average, spend 151 minutes on social media per day. So, social media could be an effective means to promote your discount plans. 

Ensure that you use all your social media potential to get your clients hyped up about your offers. This not only improves client engagement but also improves the chance of new client acquisition. Create visual assets like videos and banners and circulate them on different platforms. This helps you to understand different segments of the audience that you have. 

You can leverage these platforms to build communities, too. These platforms bring together like-minded people, which makes it a very useful tool to aid in your business expansion. You can circulate your business resources and start interactive discussions. It’s all about creating a safe space where your clients can share their pain points, allowing you to expand your business even more. 

Emails are still in the game, too; make sure that you customize emails instead of sending them templated ones. Addressing pain points while writing these emails puts you a little bit closer to consideration.   

The key is to understand your audience well and good. You should cater to their needs so that they can turn into active ambassadors for your business. 

4. Bundle Deals

You can turn your cooking courses into must-have experiences by adding a sense of added value to them. And how to do it? By bundling different classes and exclusive events and giving access to all at discounted prices. This is a great way to scoop up more clients for your business. 

Another added advantage is that you’re giving a taste of different services that you have under your business. This increases the chances of people enrolling in different classes. While bundling up deals, make sure that you offer a time limit. This creates Fear of Missing out (FOMO) and a sense of urgency, which helps your courses to 

This short-term sales boost is prep work that increases engagement, which, in turn, results in long-term loyal clients.  

5. Reward Loyal Clients 

Loyal clients constitute the blood and heart of any business. You should always make sure that they feel appreciated. One way to do this is by offering them special discounts on multiple special occasions.

Consider this-You can reward a special discount code for their birthday or grant them a pass to any special event that is organized. You can think of millions of options to reward your loyal clients. It is very important that you make your clients feel valued and special to encourage them to actively engage with your business even more.

6. Build A Dedicated Landing Page

You’ve structured your discount plans and marketed them all across different platforms. But the trick lies in how you construct the landing page. This landing page should be built in a way that it influences client decisions. And how do you achieve that?

Make sure that you showcase all your deals on one page. It should be convenient for your client to go to the offer that they wanna try. These, when clicked on, should lead to an individual page where you showcase that particular offer in detail. 

Use clear and concise Call To Action (CTA) buttons with no room for confusion among your clients. Ensure that your page looks sleek and it’s up to the point.  

One thing you should focus on while constructing these landing pages is that it shouldn’t only talk about the offers you provide. It should also talk about the value you offer as a brand. It takes more than money to pull in loyal customers. 

Also, It's better that you minimize the steps in navigation as much as possible. Since this page is a targeted landing page, make sure it loads faster and conveys information crisper. The landing page you create isn’t just a stopover. It’s the step to conversion. So make sure that you build it with so much fineness, bringing in the essence of what your business stands for. 

Using Cooking Class Booking Software To Strategize Discount Marketing

So apart from structuring discounts, the most crucial part is how we implement them. For that, you need a good platform that makes it easy for you to conveniently implement your discount plans. In this section, let’s see how Omnify Cooking Class Booking Software can simplify your discount marketing strategies. 

  1. Free Trials 
  2. Client Specific Discounts 
  3. Flexible Discount Coupons 
  4. Discount Benefits 
  5. Promotional Emails 

A cooking class booking software company should understand what businesses need and offer solutions that are flexible enough for them to build their brand on, right? Omnify does that for you. Let’s see in detail all the solutions Omnify has for your business. 

1. Free Trials 

Let’s say, you’re launching a long-term cooking course—there will be some reluctance among your target audience to invest in it. Offering trials will be a viable solution to break these investment barriers between your business and clients. Apart from alleviating reluctance, they help in building the credibility of your business, imparting the feeling of reduced risks to your clients. 

With Omnify, you can effortlessly provide free trials to your classes so that you don’t lose potential clients just because of that initial spark of hesitance. Also, this nifty approach facilitates better data collection on prospective clients, which helps in effective targeted marketing. 

2. Client Specific Discounts 

E-commerce has long reaped the benefits of store credits. Now, service providers can too! Omnify offers a specific feature called client-specific discounts, aka store credits. This is launched with the motive to increase client retention. 

Let's say you find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel or reschedule a class, or perhaps your client has to cancel an enrolled class. Instead of losing out on revenue through refunds, Omnify lets you convert that into store credits on your client's tab. These credits can be easily applied in the next billing cycle. This gives you a chance to retain your clients a little longer, reserving a second chance to impress them. 

Also, you can issue these store credits as gift certificates to your clients, as these store credits are shareable among family members. 

3. Flexible Discount Coupons

You might’ve strategized different discount plans, and Omnify helps in successfully implementing them with flexible discount options

With Omnify, you can effortlessly generate a variety of discount coupons and set limitations on the number of redemptions per coupon. Whether you want these coupons to be shareable or non-shareable, the choice is yours. You can create multiple discount coupons and circulate them among your clients, and they are very easy to use too. 

You can create any type of discount coupons say seasonal coupons, festival coupons, promotional coupons, and much more. 

4. Discount Benefits 

So, you’re planning to give out specific discounts to clients who’ve subscribed to your long-term classes. This is possible with Omnify’s discount benefits. This offers special exclusive discounts specifically for clients affiliated with your subscription plans. 

These exclusive discounts showcase the exclusive benefits that your clients receive when they choose to subscribe to your classes for the long term. 

5. Promotional Emails 

I’ve mentioned sending promotional emails to your clients about your discount plans earlier, right?

A good booking platform should ensure that it helps with this too. Omnify does this perfectly by enabling you to tailor specific emails to all your clients. You can integrate any email marketing software with Omnify, which helps you manage your business emails from within the booking platform.


In conclusion, discounts not only emerge as a tool that boosts short-term sales. They help in prolonged client engagement and building the overall trustworthiness of your business. A business owner must understand the complete dynamics of discounts. The choice of tools that you use for this purpose is equally crucial. Your cooking class booking platform should be flexible enough to accommodate your discount marketing strategy or be accommodating enough to understand your specific business needs and evolve. With that in mind, Omnify consistently prioritizes the convenience of our customers. Explore this yourself by signing up for free! 

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