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Sukanya Kakoty

[Webinar Recap] Best Practices to Run your Facility amidst COVID-19

In many ways, the pandemic has forced us to rethink the way we run our business. Be it adopting video conferencing tools, or limiting capacity in facilities, things no longer could be the same. In times like these, technology proved to be a savior. Omnify, too, helped countless facilities and businesses jump back into business safely in 2020. 

That was also the theme of the webinar conducted on 22nd April - Best practices to run your facility amidst COVID-19.  If you missed it, here’s a recap!

How can limited capacity be ensured?

According to a report released by the community associations Institute, 41% of the facilities in the United States were unable to open because of the COVID-19 pandemic, whereas only 30% re-opened their facilities following a delay. The reason for such low numbers? The fear of the pandemic! That’s where Omnify stepped in. Omnify provided a solution for the safe reopening of facilities.

Omnify‘s reservation system allowed facilities and their members to pre-book and reserve slots for amenities such as a pool, gym, recreation center, and so on. In doing so, the managers of the facility could set a limit to the number of bookings per service, thus allowing social distancing to be maintained. 
Omnify’s latest Product Update also allows you to disable certain clients who no longer are valuable to you. Be it a violator of rules, or clients who haven’t made a booking in a very long time - you can now disable them, and they wouldn’t be allowed to make any booking, thus allowing the valuable members to access the amenities,

As an added advantage, a reservation system also allows the managers of the facility to have all the data of clients, bookings, and payments in a single place! 

Here’s how Breezy Point Resort manages Pool Reservations with Omnify

How to Track Check-Ins

One of the biggest problems facilities face is preventing overcrowding at the front desk. With a reservation system like Omnify, tracking check-ins becomes super easy. Omnify provides a dedicated check-in dashboard which makes it very easy to see all the attendees for each service in one place. Whenever members enter the facility, The front desk manager can simply check them in through this dashboard. 

To make this process even simpler, Omnify provides a QR check-ins option. Simply print the QR code of your choice and place it on your front desk. Members who come in can simply scan the QR code using their phones and voila! They’ve checked themselves in!

Here’s how you can set up contactless self check-ins for your clients 

How to ensure Fair and Equal Usage

If you run a facility that is exclusive to members of a certain community, you want to make sure that every member of the community gets equal and fair access to the amenities. That’s where booking restrictions come in! 

Booking restrictions allow the facilities to set a limit on the number of bookings an individual or their family makes in a given period of time. Say, you only want a family to book 10 slots for pool access per month. You can limit the number of bookings to 10, set frequency to monthly, and applicable to individuals and their families. That’s how you can ensure every member of your community gets to enjoy the services of your facility to the fullest. 

These are some of the best practices you can adopt to manage your facility amidst COVID-19. For more tips, refer to this blog - 8 Safety Tips to Reopen Your Onsite Services.

For details of upcoming webinars, click here.

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Running a facility is no easy feat. Read about the best practices you can adopt for your facility during COVID-19

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