How to Make Your HOA Pool Accessible like Cherry Hills III

Cherry Hill III HOA
“Get a Pool Reservation System; it makes the work easy”

For homeowners within an HOA, one of the foremost expectations from their board would be how well they ensure access to community amenities. This can be especially important within communities with a significant number of senior residents. After all, is it easier to ask the elderly to adapt to your system or find a system that adapts to them?

New-age solutions, such as swimming pool booking software, bridge the gap between board capabilities and resident expectations, saving you precious time and effort in the process. However, the devil - as always - lies in the details! How do you choose the right amenity management software for your community? Just ask Stu Nifoussi, the communications and technology director of Cherry Hills III, an HOA situated in Denver. Cherry Hills III recently signed up with Omnify to manage their swimming pool access, and Nifoussi shared their experience using the platform. 

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Easy accessibility leads to a happy community

Cherry Hills III is a gated community of condominiums that provides a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of the city. The complex with 188 units was built near the junction of E Yale Ave and S Clayton St in Denver around 1974. This one-of-a-kind community has a renovated clubhouse for entertainment, as well as a swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, and tennis courts. Cherry Hills III needed a pool reservation system to manage access for the upcoming pool season. A large number of residents here are over the age of 55, with a sizable number in their 70s and 80s. Therefore, creating a safe and accessible environment was of the essence for the community.
Thanks to Omnify’s amenity reservation software, the residents of Cherry Hill III now have convenient access to their pool facilities. Residents are now able to check-in both online and offline with little to no effort, they can book slots for their family and friends within the community, and the board can now update members on their bookings or make changes to their schedules without breaking a sweat! 

Easy accessibility leads to a happy community in Cherry Hill III HOA

Customer support that never sleeps!

Beyond the platform and its features, there is one thing that has set Omnify a mile apart for the board of Cherry Hills III HOA. Since signing up, they have been impressed by Omnify’s responsive 24-hour Customer Support. 

According to Nifoussi-

“The customer service is the best I've ever experienced. These people never sleep. I can honestly say that we have had more than a dozen video calls, emails and messages, just in the last two weeks."

Omnify’s customer service is made up of an alert and dedicated team, constantly on hand to help you out. Whether you need a hand with an error or a guide to navigate you through a feature, support is just a click away!

Cherry Hill III HOA uses Omnify Reservation System

An intuitive platform that helps you meet all your goals

This is what the HOA at Cherry Hills III discovered with Omnify and the results for your community can be just as fruitful! Cherry Hills III started with a Standard Monthly plan,  but soon after signing up they extended their commitment with a Standard Seasonal Plan. 

Signing up with Omnify means you can instantly streamline your amenity bookings, manage scheduling and member communication, and make your facilities easily accessible to members. Additionally, you can protect member data by managing team access through the dashboard and effectively secure your member experience.

Simplify your community’s amenity management today and deliver a lot more to your members. You can start now by scheduling a quick demo with our team!

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Want to make your community pool easy to access, particularly for the elderly? Here’s how Denver’s Cherry Hill III HOA did this with just one decision!

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