How The Michaels Organization Streamlined Pool Scheduling with Omnify 

For over four decades now, The Michaels Organization has gradually built a legacy that has seeped through the properties they’ve set up and managed, and into the hearts of the people who make up their community. 

In their own words,  

“A Michaels neighborhood is a beautiful, bustling place to call home. It’s a launching pad for people to move to the next level of their lives.” 
The Michaels Organization focuses on creating an unmatchable resident experience

With an outlook that centers around delivering a premium quality of life for every resident, The Michaels Organization today houses over 146,000 residents across more than 425 thriving communities across the country. Their wide variety of housing options cover everyone from students and families to the brave men and women who serve in the  armed forces through privatized military housing. 

Maintaining high standards of community living 

The Michaels Organization is dedicated to ensuring every resident enjoys a quality experience at their properties. They are one of just a handful of real estate management organizations to have earned the Accredited Management Organization tag from the Institute of Real Estate Management

The Michaels Organization needed a pool reservation software to improve their facility management

Maintaining the high standards of community living that they’ve set themselves means that the organization will always look for ways to improve the experience for their residents. So, when it came to improving the swimming pool scheduling and management at one of their sister properties in Tampa, Omnify’s pool reservation software was roped in to help!

Scaling automated pool reservations with Omnify

With a large community at the property, The Michaels Organization was faced with a manual and cumbersome process when it came to managing reservations at their pool. This is when they began their search for a simple yet scalable online swimming pool reservation system and decided to choose Omnify.

Omnify helped The Michaels Organization fine tune their pool management operations

Since signing up with Omnify, The Michaels Organization has enjoyed seamless online pool scheduling and management at their facility. 

According to Clarence Freeman, who manages the facility, 

“We were looking for an easy and convenient way for residents to schedule time at the pool. I’m glad to say that Omnify delivered good value for their price and have certainly lived up to everything they promised us in their demo.”

Clarence and the team at the property have now left behind their manual operations and switched to managing their schedules online, while the residents can view availability of pool slots in real-time. They can book and cancel at any time, and in case too many people try to book the same slot, an effective waitlist management system keeps members updated on the status of the slot and the waitlist.

An intuitive system that will support your needs 

Omnify offers associations a swimming pool reservation system that covers your staff where they need it most. For the Michaels Organization, Omnify’s system was able to give more control in managing reservations without the manual work otherwise involved in the process. The staff was able to communicate more easily with the residents and ultimately, they saved a significant amount of time that was devoted to improving the safety and general experience around the pool. 

Omnify further supported the staff in improving the resident experience from enabling personalized emails for every update to simplifying check-ins at the pool. Residents could now check-in through their own devices with Omnify’s QR code check-in system or go through a quick process at the front desk.

And where the staff needed more, Omnify’s customer service was ready with a patient ear and smart solutions. Speaking about the service, Clarence says, 

“Their customer support was great in assisting us with the process. Their response time and willingness to assist made all the difference to us in the end.” 

Omnify has helped over a thousand pools optimize their operations and deliver more to visitors over the last year. From navigating through the testing COVID-19 pandemic to offering safe, quality experiences at their pool, facility managers have been able to work with greater efficiency using Omnify’s online swimming pool reservation system.

If you would like to improve the facility experience at your pool and trim your operations at the same time, find out how Omnify is the right solution to help you out!

Find out how The Michaels Organization optimized swimming pool scheduling at their sister property in Tampa using Omnify’s pool reservation software.

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