How Omnify Auto-emails can help improve customer experience

Email campaigns are way more important to your business than you can imagine. Ask someone who’s tried their hands at managing an email campaign! Creating a list, customizing each email, feeding in contact information, and scheduling all of that is such a drag! How about getting hands-on something that’s new, swift with ‘auto-pilot’ kind of delivery and that also resonates a humane touch. 

We understand that every small business has a lot to run through every single hour, every single day with minimal staff. At a time when every other competitor is out there putting up the best show to grab attention of their customers and leads, you need to think about harnessing the power of technology- an automated solution that’s already out there, that gives back to your business a lot more than what you invest. 

Folks, It’s finally time to think SPEED, think TIME and think SUPER-PERSONALIZATION - Think EMAIL AUTOMATION.
Believe me, you will not only be saving an ungodly amount of time, effort and money but open many doors of opportunity to take your business to the next level-- without any knowledge of coding or whopping resources!
Now, if Email Automation is that great a tool and super easy to use, Why isn’t every business using it?

Call it Neophobia, or probably because humans are creatures of habit, getting on with something that’s new might, in the beginning, be a little overwhelming. Not unless we tell you how simple this whole email automation thing is and how it can help.

What is Email Automation?

As emails remain to be an efficient tool for business-client relationships, nurturing leads and even brand building in the long run, automating the whole process just makes it more powerful. We sure know that it’s important for businesses to deliver the right amount of information to the right people, at the right time, hence email automation is a step towards delivering that exact information at a larger scale! It is a way to send emails to the subscribers of your business as a sequence when a certain action is triggered.

So, How does it work?

To send automated emails, you need one of the two- an email automation platform or a SaaS platform like Omnify for your business. Before sending out personalized emails, you need to specify a few conditions in the workflow. Say, when a new booking is done, then your customer gets a Welcome Email, with their names on it. Once you set that up, everytime a customer meets that condition (of say, making a booking), he/she will get an automated email contextual to that booking.

It’s that simple! You can sit back and relax while the system sends these tailored emails on auto-pilot.

With Omnify’s native email automation, email campaigns seem like a piece of cake! Here are a bunch of email templates that businesses using Omnify can instantly start sending out to customers. Be it welcome emails, emails for team communication, booking emails, subscription emails, or waitlist emails, We have it all. Let’s find out these awesome Auto Emails that are super valuable for your business that every small business should have in 2021!

Let’s look at a few of the most popular auto-emails that you could be sending right away!

  1. Welcome Emails
    Welcome Emails fall under Account Email Automation. As soon as a customer signs up for a service, send them a welcome email, it instantly builds your brand’s first impression. It works just like a spiced rum punch with coconut as a welcome drink at an island resort! Welcome emails could be a friendly hello with onboarding tutorial videos or a newsletter sign-up form. 
  2. Booking Specific Emails
    Whether someone’s your regular client, dropping in your studio after a while, or an absolute fresh face, auto-emails are a great way for a friendly “Aloha!” followed by booking details. Booking Auto Emails specifically aim for clients confirming a booking, rescheduling, or canceling a booking. And all of that works just like magic!  All service specific details are covered in booking specific emails. Depending on your business type you could walk your clients through what to expect from your facility with a “Welcome to our pool”, “Welcome to our studio” email. Say you are a pool facility, then you could let your clients know about the timings, what to bring with them, what to wear, Covid-19 rules, your offerings, parking facilities, etc. in the email itself. As they say, “The first impression is the last impression”.
  3. Booking Reminder Emails
    Omnify native automation also allows Reminder Emails so you can remind clients 24 hours in advance from the start of a session, class, or payment. The best part about reminder emails is that there is no longer a need to call up the clients to confirm and remind them before the class begins. 
  4. Payment Reminder Emails
    What if someone drops in your facility right away, say old school style. Your front desk staff makes a booking for the client. In case that’s an online payment, then an email containing the payment link is automatically triggered from the front desk to the clients so they can seamlessly make the payment. 
  5. Waitlist Emails
    These emails help your facility manage crowds better and make your facility even more popular. In case, someone tries to book an appointment/class but it turns out to be a full house, they go to a waitlist. Whenever there is an opening after any cancellation, a waitlist email is automatically triggered to the waitlist clients to notify them about the available spot to book on a first come first serve basis. With this amazing feature have all your spots filled throughout the calendar.
  6. Subscription Auto-Emails
    Omnify provides three kinds of subscription auto-emails. These emails are super useful for a follow-up with a customer on events such as subscription expiration if it’s not on auto-renew. A reminder email is triggered 24 hours prior to the renewal of the subscription for a heads up on a class pack/membership. For other customers who have opted for Auto-renewal, also receive a confirmation email upon successful renewal. Okay, but what about a technical glitch occurring during auto-renewal and a renewed subscription fails? Worry not! Omnify has a quick fix for that too! In case of a failed auto-renewal, your customers receive a Subscription Auto-Renewal Failed Email right away. So there is no place for any confusion or human error!
  7. Email Automation for Team Communication
    As a small business, you need to be at your productive best. So focusing on the work that matters most is like digging a gold mine! Omnify believes in exactly this and so we have Account emails for you to manage your team in auto-pilot. Be it while adding a team member, disabling access or re-enabling him/her back to Dashboard access, or going ahead with a final delete- an auto-generated email for each instance is sent. So don’t worry about sending account credentials to a new member or going back and forth in providing team access. We got you covered!

When it comes to running a small business email marketing hence is the best tool in a small-business toolkit to take advantage of and not lose ground with generic emails. Additionally, along with gaining customer trust, it is the most cost-effective way to add value to your brand. These are some of the customized emails from Omnify to start with. Keep an eye on our blogs to learn more on how you can hyper-personalize your email campaigns with Omnify’s Zapier integration.. Coming soon!

For a detailed list of native Omnify Auto-Emails, visit Omnify Help Center.

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