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Sukanya Kakoty

Omnify presents a Series on ‘Fitness Redefined’- SerenaFit

Omnify presents a series on online fitness brand SerenaFit

Exercise and workouts are impeccably beneficial for a healthy body and mind. Fitness experts around the world have been working towards this beautiful goal with their local communities. But now is the time to go global.  Going virtual helps to expand the reach of fitness studios beyond physical boundaries. It suits the demands of changing times and helps people achieve their pink of health from their choice of physical training no matter where their trainers live. The right technology platform allows studios achieve the right kind of connection with clients. Getting the world to workout with you also speaks volumes of the quality of your fitness business. 

SerenaFit is right on point on the virtual fitness regime today! SerenaFit, owned by a woman, has set a precedent of shattering the glass ceiling with her virtual fitness brand. 

Omnify is excited to cheer for Serena Scanzillo who is energetic, fearless, astute, and a hustler in the fitness business. She opens up to Omnify about her journey as a founder, fitness professional, and the ultimate doer! 

Serena Scanzillo of SerenaFit online fitness trainer

In this detailed Four-Part Series, Serena talks about how she began in this incredible journey- the challenges, the determination to build her brand from scratch and how virtual fitness has become the most practical thing to do in 2020!

Part 1: SerenaFit- Thinking ahead of Times- How it all began?

Part 2: SerenaFit: The Road Less Traveled

Part 3: SerenaFit: Bringing it all together

Part 4: SerenaFit + Pro Tips -  Smart Hacks for a Successful Online Fitness Studio

Also, Look out for the recipe of success for fitness studios with her amazing Pro-tips!

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From stretches to do before running to popsugar workouts, Serena Scanzillo has mastered online fitness classes. Learn all about her journey to success!

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