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Sukanya Kakoty

Pool-time this Summer: Tips to adapt to the ‘New-Normal’

The big question that everyone’s asking is – “Should I visit the pools this [pandemic] summer?”

Now that the pool facilities in America are reopening and summers are akin to pool-time, it gets rather hard to avoid the pools. And why should one when there are so many benefits to swimming and fitness is the numero uno call now!

Pool owners will do their part in maintaining Covid 19 preparedness for sure. But every swim enthusiast needs to follow a few preventive measures on their part and help pools serve its patrons with both alertness and action without missing the fun.

5 keys to adapt to the New Normal:

1. Know the Science

Trusted sources like WHO and CDC have claimed that there are very tiny chances of Coronavirus spreading through water if treated with disinfectants making it a sterile environment. However, once out of water masks are a must both for respiratory decorum and protection from accidental touching of nose or mouth.

2. Use Technology

Always rely on technology for a safer pool time. With Omnify scheduling system pool patrons can make reservations for themselves and their family at preferred time-slots and enjoy family time together, receive confirmations and reminder emails and make reservation changes as per patrons’ wish to select off-hours for maximum usage of pool facilities, know about the pools’ Covid preparedness, visit at scheduled time to avoid waiting in lines and learn about the disinfecting processes and much more. Let’s use pools smartly! 

3. Practice Social Distancing

Practicing social distancing is super important. CDC guidelines refer to a buffer of 6 feet distance between individuals. Occupy pool chairs that are six feet away from the next person sitting. While swimming, stick to the lanes not going too close to the next swimmer and swim in the opposite direction rather than in parallel lines. Pools should discontinue recreational activities like water basketball or aerobics where social distancing is not feasible.

4. Sanitize and Sanitize

Avoid using shared pool accessories like umbrellas, pool toys, pool noodles, slides, lockers etc. Pool decks should encourage patrons to carry their personal items like towels, tissues, goggles, nose-clips, snorkels, swim caps etc. But, pool decks and furniture do need touching. So support hand hygiene and sanitize often with soap or sanitizers with minimum 60 percent alcohol. Pools most likely will provide sanitizers but keep yours handy!

5. Minimalism is In

Patrons should be encouraged to visit in their swim costumes and carry as little as possible. Many pools have paused locker facilities. So, arrive in style and be swim-ready!

Swimming has become even more relevant today. Staying fit and physically active helps reduce the chances of getting a cold or any illness and also helps WBCs and antibodies circulate more rapidly boosting the immune system..just what we all need now! #PoolisOpen

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Are you Following Safe Guidelines During Covid-19 Pandemic? Read How you can visit pools safely this summer by following a few tips and using Omnify

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