How Ashburn Farm HOA operates multiple amenities with Omnify

Ashburn Farm HOA is located near Ashburn, Virginia. This community dates back to 1988 and has continued to develop over the years. It is now home to 1,416 townhouses, 1,824 family residences, 460 condos, and 163 apartments. Its location is private, quiet, and family-friendly. Thus, making it an excellent place to settle down.

Ashburn Farm HOA’s amenities include 3 outdoor pools, 12 tennis courts, 8 basketball courts, and ample walking space. Community amenities are extensive with features like 19 tot lots, 5 ponds stocked with fish (catch and release), and 28 miles of bike and exercise trails.  Bonus, many retail and dining options like shopping centers, including Junction Plaza and Ashburn Farm Village Center at a spitting distance. Especially, considering multifold apartment amenities that they provide, smooth operational management was quite a challenge. With the Omnify Reservation system, managing Ashburn Farm HOA has been a cakewalk!

Let’s hear their story-

Please help us with your introduction.-

Hey, I am Jeremy Cushman. I am the General Manager at Ashburn Farm HOA.

What challenges were you facing, and what motivated you to solve them?

We have three pools, and Omnify is helping us with safe access and use of the pool facilities during the pandemic. Omnify’s pool reservation system is excellent to set up a facility or item. I don't know how we would have managed the use of three community pools during a pandemic without Omnify. It was simple for our community members to sign up for and use.

How do you use our product, and how have you benefited from using Omnify?

At first, we used Omnify only for scheduling pool slots and managing members. But after seeing its many advantages, we are thinking of its use for facility rentals and common area reservations as well.

Secondly, it allows customization of slots and saves time. You can announce emergency closings, add breaks, etc. to all reservation holders, which for pools can be a clap of thunder or a mechanical breakdown. Lastly, it has web-based membership software. So, community members can make reservations on their own time. It can be from the parking lot outside if need be, vs. needing to call, email, etc. to reserve a time.

How has Omnify improved your day-to-day life?

The Omnify platform is very easy-to-use and reliable. We are able to manage three community pools from one admin. Omnify has been excellent in several parameters-

  • Omnify's customer service during setup is excellent. Very knowledgeable and patient.
  • Omnify seems infinitely customizable to suit any need.
  • Omnify's web presence is simple to use to make a reservation.
  • Omnify can be customized to include pictures of your properties, amenities, facilities, etc.

What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

The team at Omnify is very skilled and able to look at unique issues like limiting the ability to make reservations to only those in our community. Omnify is very flexible, and the team behind the product, like Ms. Shailja Rohillah, has been accommodating. They provide any extra customization needed to suit your specific needs.

How have we managed to help you in the growth of your business? Can you share some revenue numbers/growth percentages etc?

I calculate my Return on Investment in terms of customer satisfaction. Omnify’s amenities management made it possible to make those, who wanted to use community amenities, use it in a measured and safe way.

What would you tell someone who's considering Omnify?

I looked at software-based systems like Microsoft 365 (Office 365), GoToMeeting for access control. None of them could provide all the features and usability for both the end-user and host, which Omnify does. Other similar web/cloud-based services are not as flexible or customizable. However, Omnify knows that everyone's need or requirement isn't the same. So it has a skilled team of customer care folks ready to do whatever is needed to help you succeed.

If you could give one piece of advice to fellow property owners like yourself, what would it be?

I think that Omnify's customization makes it well suited for nearly any business that manages time like they do their clientele.

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We, at Omnify, thank Ashburn Farm HOA for their heart-warming words of appreciation. We will continue to serve you better!

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Ashburn Farm HOA uses Omnify’s Pool Reservation System to customize their classes for three different community pools and manage their amenities with ease.

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