Why is Effective Scheduling vital for your Swimming Pools?

A facility scheduling system is vital for swimming pool bookings

If there is one thing people crave after a lengthy, stressful 2020, it is some fun recreation. A refreshing dip in the pool is definitely a blissful relief to all. While pools are gradually reopening, it is essential to recreate a fun yet safe experience for your visitors. If you run a pool facility, you need to ensure that visitors do not feel overwhelmed. As we are all set to reopen pools, maintaining proper measures is extremely necessary. It will help you to ensure that your business is going smoothly. And for that, efficient scheduling needs to be put in order.

But what exactly is efficient scheduling, and why do you need it? Simply put, scheduling is not only creating dedicated slots for pool usage but also super convenient in managing clients, their activities, and your staff. Scheduling is vital to ensure greater efficiency in managing your pool facility. For instance, manually handling bookings might end up in mismanagement, letting the scope of human error. It could most likely end up making your pools too crowded at certain hours and without visitors at the rest of the hours. Besides, you can never predict the expected number of guests each hour with certainty. Scheduling pool slots, handling payments, managing visitors, and taking care of each customer's needs may sound like too much work, but in reality it is not if done right! Besides, it can simplify your operations and provide significant long-term value.

A swimming pool member enjoying the pool season

Enhance Your Customer Experience:

  • People want to enjoy their time in the pool, albeit with certain precautions. You can control the schedule, regulate pool slots, and even restrict the number of people in one slot to ensure social distancing. Similarly, scheduling a buffer to clean your pool in between slots will help in maintaining sanitization. It creates a safer experience for your customers, making them want to come back again and again!

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  • Any customer would like to know about your pool facility before visiting. It includes information like timings, charges, pictures, etc. Thus, having an online presence can increase your chances of getting noticed. You can create a personalized booking site with Omnify, where you can post your entire pool schedule and give it your touch. Add your brand logo, colors, pictures, and anything else to make your booking site unique to your business! 
  • With more engagement, a business needs useful yet easy tools to run operations more efficiently. It can be achieved with smooth and user-friendly scheduling software. With careful planning, a swimming pool business can manage their bookings and payments most efficiently, thereby generating more income. 
A scheduling software has multiple benefits
  • Scheduling comes with notifying your customers of upcoming events. You can also send them notifications reminding them of their forthcoming booking. In Omnify, the schedules are synced with Google Calendars when booking, giving a smooth experience to both customers and the pool business admins.
  • With the help of a scheduling platform, you can take customer feedback using follow-up calls and automated emails to understand them better. At the same time, you can also monitor if your customers are dropping out. This way, you can increase customer retention.

Better Team Management 

A facility scheduling system helps in effective team communication

With the right scheduling software, you can also manage your team. For instance, assigning a pool monitor to a particular slot or timing can avoid confusion in the long run. The session can start on time. Instead of jumping from different invoices to keep track of the payments, you can incorporate user-friendly software like Omnify for keeping everything in one place. 

With Omnify, you can also create the same account for scheduling and keep tabs on the activities. With the help of its user-friendly dashboard, you can assign different trainers, manage your payments, review weekly sales, etc. Similarly, tasks like cancellation, rescheduling, refunds, etc., can be easily managed from a single platform. 

With Omnify features such as color code logic, you can categorize the slots using different colors and efficiently manage your team schedules. You can allocate dedicated time slots for coaching your clients, create well-organized blocks of slots, and even set aside some time for administrative tasks. Smart use of color-coding will help your business optimize the service calendar for the team's best operational experience. Effective scheduling also reduces the load on staff as they can manage everything from a single platform. 

With precise planning, your staff can tackle specific problems effectively. It helps your pool patrons to coordinate better without any room for confusion. A workplace with fewer conflicts will result in better customer engagement and reasonable maintenance of the pool. What more? With proper planning and execution, your pool business will grow. While your staff continues to work hard, Omnify Pool Reservation System can make scheduling much easier. Only with the help of small changes can your business see huge differences!

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