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 booking management tools like Omnify helps to streamline classes of educational institutions seamlessly

What Makes Omnify Different

Selling Services made Easy

Class Registration Simplified

Help clients discover your services and sell services online

  • Create - Create a single or a recurring classes, assign instructors, display class schedule, add pricing and class details. Let your clients book and pay easily through your branded service store.
  • Manage - Show real time availability of classes and events, set limits on capacity.
  • Analyze - Get an overview of attendees, cancellations, check-ins, and waitlists, directly from the Omnify calendar.
 Omnify’s personalized service store helps in client management by organizing class schedules

Manage your Team Effortlessly

Maximize team productivity

  • Fast-track team communication - Synchronize staff schedules, send out personalized calendar updates to coordinate effectively.
  • Staff portal - Add and remove staff members as you need. Allow team members to log in and view clients and upcoming schedules.
  • Team access and permissions - Determine team members’ access to the dashboard for improved security and data protection.
Manage your team and effectively streamline business hours with communication tools

Memberships and Packages Simplified

Detailed Reports & Analytics to know how your business is performing

Reward your loyal members with quality offerings. 

  • Class packages - Set up membership programs, and offer classes and class-packs. Let your clients enjoy exclusive membership benefits.
  • Check-ins - Set up effortless check-in options, including contactless QR scans and front desk walk-ins.
  • Recurring payments- Ensure prompt payments and retain clients by collecting recurring integrated payments via packages.
 increase customer retention with memberships via exclusive discount codes, training plans and payment plans

Enjoy Instant Payments

Set up custom payment methods as you want and accept recurring payments.

  • Accept payments from your clients via different modes and a range of PCI-compliant payment gateway options. 
  • Retain customers by collecting recurring payments via classpacks, memberships or drop-in passes.
  • Manage transactions, discounts, online or front desk booking, and purchases. 
  • Send reminders about payments and dues- from one integrated dashboard.
Detailed Reports & Analytics to know how your business is performing
Never miss a payment with integrated online payment gateways
Capterra Rating For Omnify Online Booking SystemG2 Rates Omnify for Best Estimated ROIOmnify Declared Trust Radius Top Rated 2021Omnify Awarded G2 Easiest Setup Spring 2021

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Rebecca Jane on Omnify

“Omnify makes life more comfortable, particularly with automated class bookings. Omnify has helped me transform my business into a scalable operation."

Rebecca Jane
Owner, Yoga with Rebecca Jane
Isabel Artigues on Omnify

"Omnify came to my rescue and it provided me a platform like never before. The whole scheduling, booking, payments and managing part were fixed at one go."

Isabel Artigues
Founder, Institute of the Arts Barcelona
Jim Fraser on Omnify

“Omnify has the right mix of features, customer support, and reasonable pricing. We recommend this platform for anyone needing a solution for quickly setting up a reservation process at their pool!"

Jim Fraser
CEO, Pool Management Group

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“Omnify is easy to integrate to my website since it’s just a plugin and there you have your own service store!”

(Owner), Equestria, Argentina
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Flow Waterjet, UK

“Before we were finding it cumbersome to follow attendance and student sign ups for all of our classes.With Omnify class scheduling software, our processes have become much simpler.”

Flow Waterjet, UK
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Alicia (Director)

“We needed a platform to take registrations and payments for a number of different programs all in one place that is easy to use.”

Alicia (Director)
Denver Synchronicity, Colorado
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Why Choose Omnify?

Simple to setup and use

Advanced Analytics

Stay ahead with smart dashboard insights and data management. Get a comprehensive 360° view of your business that reflects popular sessions, coach schedules, attendance, pending transactions, trends, and business performance.

Bring Convenience with Virtual Classes

Reach out to your clients for 1:1 appointments or group classes from anywhere. Conduct online classes tailored to best suit your clients. Create unique zoom links for every session or a single link for all sessions and give your clients an unparalleled experience virtually.

Integration with other tools

Cut to the chase and get all your favorite tools in one place. Integrate thousands of popular apps with Omnify’s Zapier integration and get more done in less. No code is required.

All-in-one Mobile App

Be unstoppable and take your business wherever you go. Your service store is optimized for all devices. Access schedules, bookings, communication, clients, and quick insights directly from your phone or switch among devices without losing data.

Electronic Waivers

Ensure that your clients agree to the terms of your children’s activity business business before making bookings. Create customized waivers within minutes, store them online, and even send signed copies to your clients. Protect your business from any liabilities or risks.

Get All the Support you Need

From setting up your dashboards to fixing payment issues, we’re here to help. Omnify’s customer support is dedicated to your success. Drop a query anytime, and we’ll reach out within seconds.

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