Integrations with MailChimp, Zapier, Gmail & more!

A new update is in. We understand that it is tiring to juggle between various apps in order to run your business efficiently. What if you could do it all from one platform?

Introducing Integrations. Get central access to a full business suite by linking your Omnify account with tools like MailChimp, Drip, Gmail, Full Contact and more via Zapier. This can help you save time on repetitive tasks. Follow the steps given below and watch your business grow. 

Accessing Integrations: 

Go to Dashboard> Settings> Integrations

Activating Integrations:

  • Create a Zapier account at
  • Go to to access the integrations page on your Omnify dashboard.
  • Click on the Zapier card.
  • A pop-up will appear asking you to follow 3 steps.
  • After Logging into Zapier, hit the invitation link.
  • This will open up Omnify’s integration with Zapier.

Setting up a Zap:

Setting a Trigger:

  • Zapier works on a Trigger -> Action basis ie. for every event that happens you can have a corresponding action taking place.
  • To get started choose Omnify as the Trigger app.
  • Next choose a trigger. At the moment we support only one trigger - ‘When a new customer is added’.
  • Then you will be asked to connect to an account. Use the API token from the integrations page on your dashboard to connect your account.
  • Click on test to check if it is connected.
  • Now choose a business to which you want the integration to be applied.
  • Go ahead and click continue

 Setting an Action:

  • We now have to set up an action that will occur once a trigger is fired.
  • First choose an action app - this can be any of the other apps like Gmail, Drip, MailChimp etc.
  • Next connect your account to the flow.
  • Moving on, you will have to either simply test the step or complete an extra step like fill an email template depending on the app being integrated.
  • From here you have two options. One is to continue the flow by adding another action step. You can even add a filter to impose conditions on the continuation of the flow. The other is to end the flow, name your zap and activate it.

 And you’re set. With Zapier you can set up complex workflows linking different apps to automate most of the work. For instance, when a new customer is added you can find out his contact details via Full Contact, send him a welcome mail, create a marketing workflow with Mail Chimp and more.

 We’re really excited about this feature and can’t wait for you to use it! As always please give us your feedback on how we can improve our service.

Omnify Product Update- Now save time on repetitive tasks and juggling of apps by integrating them with Omnify and automating workflows via Zapier.

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