No price bookings, Auto-fill Client Information & More 🔐

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Here’s a quick round-up of what’s new at Omnify this week 🆕

No Price Bookings is live 💯

We got this, finally! 🙌

If you have sessions that do not have any price attached to it (ex: Free Consultation session, Book a meeting etc) the price (ex: $0, €0) won’t show up next to it. 

This will be the same in the Service store booking as well as the Front desk. It will only show a “Confirm” button and your clients will receive a booking confirmation email immediately. Yes, it will be seamless!

The set-up though, remains the same.  If you want to make the service free or not attach a price, all you would have to do is insert  0 in the price field.

(This is how it looks in my service store for a free consultation session)

Pay-with-link: Auto-fill Client & Credit Card info 💳

How many times have we not paid for something because we were too lazy to fetch the card from the wallet? I am guilty of it for sure 🙈

One of our most popular features is Pay-with-link. It enables you to book a service for your clients and send them a payment link via email. Now, we have made it even more powerful 💪If your clients have added their credit card details once, they won’t have to do it again. As soon as they click the payment link, their payment data will be auto-filled and all your client needs to do is hit that Pay Button. Wicked, right? 💸

This is a super value-add feature as a lot of people tend to just skip the payment or delay the payment due to unavailability of card information at that particular time. This feature is only available to Stripe users currently.

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Omnify users can now take bookings for 0 price bookings and get users to pay from their email seamlessly without needing to enter their information!

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