Say Hello to the New Calendar 👋

For months we have been working to improve the internal scheduling and calendar experience in the Omnify Dashboard for our customers. Our goal is to bring a Unified Calendar Experience within Omnify dashboard simplify the daily scheduling and operations for Omnify customers.

At Omnify, we believe in Co-creation and have been working with our customers closely to build new features. Today we are taking the first significant step to bring the Unified Calendar experience in Omnify by releasing the new calendar for Events.

Please give us feedback on what works well and how can we make the new calendar a lot more useful for your business.We are here listening to you. Let's Co-create the Unified Calendar for your business together :)

Here is the how the New Calendar works-

Multiple Views & Filter Options

  1. Every business has different needs, and hence we have added four different views; Day, Week, Month, & Agenda. Easily switch between the views and use whichever works best for you.
  2. Filter based on Team members and de-clutter your calendar view by using additional filters to hide the events based on event status.
  3. Easily navigate across dates using the mini calendar drop-down or find travel back from the future to Today with one click.

Single click PDF Download

Whichever calendar view you have selected, click on the Download PDF button and Voila! You have a ready PDF with the complete view for you to share or Print.

Quick Manage Panel

Now you can manage your events right inside the calendar. From any of your chosen views, click on any event and a Side Panel pops up to manage everything in your event.

So, what all can you do in the Quick Manage side panel?

  1. Event insights
  2. View confirmed, cancelled and waitlisted attendees.
  3. View attendees by tickets
  4. Quick attendees check-in
  5. Edit Schedule
  6. Print or Export Attendee List
  7. Send email to Attendees

Premium Feature: Email Attendees from Calendar 🏅

Y-E-S. This is our favorite feature, where you can email all your attendees from the Event Calendar itself. Whether you want to send them a personalized email before the event or send an email asking for feedback after the event, you can now do so without needing a different email marketing software. We love it.

Give it a spin and let us know your feedback. We 're rolling out the same view for Classes and Appointments Calendar as well. So, your feedback will only help us make it better.

Check out the new Omnify Event Calendar with better controls, insights and emailing options. Try out today

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