Launching New and Improved Team Management

We’ve just released a better and improved version of Team Access Management. 

The ability to have better Team Access Management has been a long-standing request, so today we’re happy to say that-

The wait is over! 🙌

How does it work?

You can now set page level restriction for your Team Members.

There are three types-

  • Full Access
  • No Access
  • View only Access

In the case of Trainers, you have an additional type-

  • User specific access- where the trainer will be able to only access services, schedules, bookings that are assigned to them.

This is important. Let me tell you why?

This feature is one of the most important feature requests we have gotten. It ensures more security and data protection in your account.

As you try this new feature, let us know what feedback you have for us. We’ll be working to tweak and improve the experience and handle more use-cases.

Let us know what you think.


Omnify Team Access Management helps manage your team better, simplifies user access control for team members ensuring a secure & streamlined workflow.

Still unsure? Sign-up and have a look yourself!

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