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Hello folks!!

Another update is in!

Tracking attendance can help you identify frequent no-shows and regular customers. You can look through the data to figure trends in the attendance. Maybe the number of visits decreases during weekends and so it’s better to reduce weekend classes and increase weekday ones or vice versa. This can help you optimize your schedule and make the most of your time and resources. It’s also worth noting as to which trainer is more popular and which one’s aren’t bringing in enough crowd. They can then work on improving themselves accordingly.

To help make the tracking easier we’ve introduced the Check-ins tab under the Frontdesk section.

The Check-ins tab lets you view all the checked in attendees sorted according to the date they did so. You can filter entries based on a date range, the service they are attending (class, appointment etc.) and trainers. Using a combination of these filters you can collect the data of any subset required and export it into a CSV file using the export button.

On the top right of the Check-ins tab is the link to the Client Check-in app. From here you can check-in clients. It also tells you the number of checked in clients for the day and the most recent names.

Observing consumer trend is vital in the sustenance of a business. Collecting the required data and adapting to any changes in consumer habits will help you rise above competition and stay relevant in the scene. Checkins is one such tool that can help you do this. Hope it serves you well!!

Track attendance and observe trends with check-ins to help you serve clients better and beat the competition.

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