Introducing Omnify's new Auto Emails  💌

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We are super excited to introduce Omnify's new Auto Emails   --> Emails delivered right from your Dashboard, personalized like from your mailbox.

Emails have been a crucial part of every business to ensure important updates are accessible and shared with all your clients. Many of you have been customizing the legacy emails to ensure a more personalized experience for your customers. With the new Auto Emails 2.0, you are in control of the content and the delivery of all your emails.

Here is an overview of the changes and how you can effectively use them to maximize your outreach.

Revamped UI & New Email Editor

Things are now looking good- with a newly redesigned UI you can now manage your emails with ease.

You can edit email content with the new text editor. Choose from a wide list of formatting options to make your emails stand out. You can also personalise your Emails with dynamic tags. Read more below.

Dynamic Tags

Dynamic tags is a feature you can use to create placeholder codes example- first name, service name, business name etc. This helps you to create a personalised experience while communicating with your customers.

Let’s take the Welcome Email for example. Customize your email with dynamic tags such as clients name, business name to ensure your clients are welcomed with a warm personalised message. Also added numerous formatting options to create eye-catching content. And yes, you can now hyperlink your texts right into the email body. Happy redirecting.

Subscription Emails

All your auto-renew worries answered. We have added new emails for your subscriptions (i.e classpacks and memberships). We have 3 new emails- auto-renew reminder, auto-renew confirmations, and auto-renew failure. With added personalisation feature ensures your clients are engaged and are subscribed at all times.

Enable/Disable Email Notification

Don’t want to hit your client mailboxes with some emails? We have added the ability to enable/disable all emails on the dashboard. Now simply disable the email from the settings. The disabled email service will be turned off until you choose to enable them back on.

We Beta tested this with a few of our customers and they have some amazing things to say.

Eric says “The new editor is so cool. I can now personalise my emails and it has increased my overall engagement with my customers. Great job, Omnify

Let us know how it works for you. Drop us a note on chat, email, Tweet to us, or leave a comment on Facebook.

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Auto Emails 2.0 ensures you are in control of content & delivery of your emails. Streamline communications, save time while engaging with clients.

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