Make calls & send texts straight from the Omnify Go App

We’ve added new features to the Omnify Go App. The new feature update is quite impactful and makes Attendee Management a breeze.

With Omnify Go App, you can:

* View your upcoming and past schedules

* View your Attendees

* Check-in Attendees with a single tap

* Reschedule and Cancel Classes

With this new update, you can also make calls to your Attendees from the app itself. You can send texts too. You will be able to do that directly from your Mobile Phone service provider and thus you don’t have to pay anything extra to your Omnify Subscription plan.  Cool, right?

Imagine your Attendees haven’t turned up at your class or appointment, yet. Don’t worry about taking printouts of the attendee list or checking out the Dashboard. Give them a call straight from the App or just drop a text :)

Download the Omnify Go app on iOS and Android. Try out and see it yourself.

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** Omnify Go is a Mobile App for the Admins to manage their schedules on the go. To access this App, you need to have an active Omnify account.

This new Omnify feature helps make calls & send texts directly from the Omnify Go App. Streamline communication with customers on-the-go.

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