[Product update] Custom forms

We have launched a big new feature this week - Custom fields and forms. A lot of our customers asked us if they can add custom fields in the booking process so that they can collect additional data from their clients.

We heard you and built a comprehensive and flexible way of creating custom fields and forms.

Now save time by collecting client information online beforehand while your clients signup or while booking your services, so that you can get started without filling out those paper forms.

All this information is stored for you to retrieve anytime you need access to it through Omnify Dashboard.

You can now collect additional data from 4 places-

1. During Sign-up

2. While Adding a Family Member

3. Before Booking

4. After Booking

More so, you can define how you want to collect data.  It can be -

1. Text

2. Numbers

3. Date picker

4. Drop-down

5. Checkbox

6. And Multi select too

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to Dashboard> Settings> Custom Fields

1.Where can 1 find custom forms.gif

2. Click on where you want to add data. Add fields and click on Save

Adding new fields.gif

3. You can now go to the website to check if it’s showing.

signup form.gif

4. You can also add custom form before and after booking. Click on any of Before and After Booking, choose whether you want it to show in all services or only specific service. Add additional fields. Hit Save

dropdown before booking.gif

5.  You can now go to the website to check if it’s showing.

before booking.gif

We are confident that this will help you onboard your customers in a simpler way. Please keep the feedback coming, we appreciate it!

Use custom fields to enrich your client onboarding experience. Collect data and preferences using our brand new addition to the client booking flow


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