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Classpacks and Memberships are a clean way for customers to stick around for longer by booking multiple classes in one go or subscribing for an extended period of time. Given our auto pay feature, recurring payments are anything but a hassle and so generally a good quantity of sales happens via subscriptions. In order to help you understand how your business is doing we have aggregated information related to them both.

Subscriptions is an easy way to view and manage all your classpack and membership purchases in one place. It is located under the Frontdesk Section on your Dashboard.

Why subscriptions?

This will give you a better overview of your business and help you determine your recurring customers. It shows you the status of the subscription - how long it will take to expire and if it is automatically getting renewed by the auto pay feature. You can extend the date of the classpack and membership signups and even modify the number of credits. Also available is the option to export the details into a CSV file. Being able to do all this in one smooth flows implies further efficiency in working.

This will tell which of your classes/memberships are going well and which ones need some tweaking. If you have multiple ideas, maybe try two of the versions and figure out which one works better. Try factoring in customer feedbacks too. The best way to sell is to give the customers what they want.

Omnify Subscriptions management tools simplifies class pack and membership purchases, streamline recurring payments, & maximize customer retention.

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